seriously serious!!

For last few days I tried to become as philosophical as much as I can get. There are reasons for everything. The reason of my being serious was something really serious. Here it goes.

I am a superstitious human being. My classmate during my school days told me that if I see a dream early in the morning, the dream would come true. I never believed them because I always saw a dream that it was holyday in my school. I even took colors to celebrate but my teachers beat me up black and blue. Than my friends told me only the bad dreams that come true.

A few days back I have been getting up after seeing one bad dream. The dreams are so threatening that I wake startled. The height of repetitiveness is so much that I hear the same background music.

The dream → I am sitting on my office chair for more than 3 hours now. 3 hours doing something which is the dream of every software engineer. All of them know that now all the torture of the engineering days is being paid back in ten folds. I am doing what I always wanted to do. I asked one of my friends “Hey you know that so and so guy is joining my company” and he scraped back saying “old news, dude!! Tell me something new!!” I have been exchanging events and gossips with my friend who is another company via the most reliable agent called Orkut! The tag line of orkut, “who do you know!” fascinated me so much that today I have 1386 friends.
Welcome to the world of scraping and orkuting.

After those 3 hours of non-stop orkuting I get a call from the system admin telling me to stop scraping else “We will SCRAPE you out!! From than on Orkut is blocked in my company. I am sitting perspiring in the AC thinking “Kya hoga Nimmo ka (I mean mera)” will the sys admin be calling up my supervisor and telling him about my mischief or will he be leavening me after the warning. The bond tune start in background! (It’s such a suspense) I am scared! I shout out loud and wake up to the dream with my mobile alarm ringing to the tune of 007!!!

Black Friday

This Post is all about the Movie “Black Friday” by Anurag Basu and my personal experience. I saw the movie some 2 years back. Don’t scratch your knees or head (wherever your brain is) “How come i have seen the movie released on 9Th February 2007 some time back in 2005?” Its by the grace of pirated CD shops and P2P networks. I got it from one of the Torrents sharing site. The only reason i saw the movie for its music. Whats so great about the music of the movie? Well listen them to know. Indian Ocean as the call themselves. I was lucky to listen to them in a concert at IIM Bangalore. But just for the you guys information that concert is the only concert i have ever attended. The concert made a true fan of Indian ocean.

A little bit of googling led me to the movie called Black Friday. The movie starts with the police getting a tip about the Bombay blast of ’93 but they take those a a joke and the next scene shows the step by step how blast was planned and how the police searched for the guys behind the plot of the blast. Kay Kay Menon is at his best. Be is comedy while eating Banana or not eating banana.

The music and movie is truly above par than the rest.