Warming the back side

In the last weeks my friends ask me what do u do at the office. And my reply is warming my back in the AC cooled room. For those who never got the meaning I am on the bench. Well those who think bench is the best place on the earth and there is nothing better than bench. You don’t have to do anything just sit, surf, read a book and go home early. But what about getting bored. Where you are alone and people in the next cubicle is working. So guys who think bench is the best place think again!!! cos you are right!! It is indeed the best place.

How many of you have seen a software engineer coming home at 6 o’ clock in the evening. None. If you have seen one he/she must be on the bench. I know how good bench feels. You can chat for long hours without any dead lines, except its time to go home. You take a break from coffee machine and not a break for coffee. You can come late and go early. Lunch hour is of one hour and sometimes you can stretch it a bit more and no one will complain.

If you are really bored than you can have your creative juices flow and write a blog just like the way I am doing at present. And if the money of you have received as so called salary is more than you can spend. Than use the precious band width of the company and become a stock market player. Start earning a little more. It would be an extra income without any problem!! Those who are bit plump go ahead and learn a new game. That could be either TT, football, basketball, Chess (against a human) as most of the IT companies have got at least one of the game. Attend gym if there is one. And yes you have time so downlaod some music so that when you are in project you can listen to music when the boss is shouting his heart out.

So those who think they are on bench and having a bad time guys wake up. It’s the golden period and please don’t waste it getting boring.

BTW I have a good news to share by the next week I will be in a project. Bye bye bench. It was the worst time alone sitting.

Working my @$$ off!!

If you are made to work like a donkey and paid peanuts what will you do. Leave the company or ask for less work and a pay hike. isn’t it?

But there is another way you can get your money back. How? well its much simpler than above said things. Go ahead and do what i do. Either do less work or start a social life of your own or you can do both.

It seems that most of the salaried people are either working like hell so that they can save for their future. but the forget that its the present what matters the most not the future. I have seen people thinking about their future and the forget what they have got in hand. Guys enjoy and try to find happiness in what you have got.

Few days back some of we friends went for bowling. Instead of thinking that is it worth its better to take a plung let us see if it was worth of. and after we were done we felt the the time spent was worth the money spend. It was fun seeing the 10 pins falls. For most of us were either first or second timers. But we took and chance and it was what we thought that our present is what we can enjoy nor its our future neither our past which we can do anything to.

I remember one line from some movie it was goes something like this ” We crib at our past and worry about future. Its like standing on the two boats called Past and Future and pissing on our present.”

Guys work like you dont have to work tomrrow but make sure that when you party you party like there would not be another like this for a long time. Cherish every good moments and remember bad one when you are in DEEP SHIT and think if i can get out that one than i can get out of this too.


How will you feel when you are raped twice just in 30 hours duration. That too just after the office hours. well the first time i went voluntarily in the den and second time it was an innocent invitation that led from one thing to other and before I can think anything i was inside the den.

If you are thinking how come guys be raped ever heard of “getting screwed.” Without much delay lets start the with the first time. It was the holy day of thursday time 5 pm venue the company auditorium, reason – quiz competition. It was a 25 question GK quiz and me and my friend were able to answer all. the only problem was that we got 2 right.

It was an average day at office today i reached at 11 am and than had round of coffee. Checked the mails by the time it was 12:45, went for a lunch, had a hearty lunch of kerla parota and capsicum baby corn curry, with a glass to juice to drown it down, came back at 2 and time for a good night sleep. Look i am working too much these days. was kicked by a guy to wake up at 4 to go and play TT. after coming back one of my colleague asked wanna meet some one. I said sure. and off we went. Just to be found the den of a direct marketing guy. Locked inside a room with guys. Mind Fu(ked for 2 hours and i was oh no where the hell i am stuck. god save me. hope i am much more careful next time. so that people cant rape my head like this.


This post is dedicated to a dream which i had broken.Before that some good news. We have finished our trainee project and we are free these days. How do we celebrate? What could be a better way to celebrate by doing the way we used to do it during our college days? BUNK! We bunked office and went to watch Race. A team of 7 of us left office at 2 and had a fun filled day with popcorn and loads of babes. Nah not the office ones but on the screen. I heard from that dream yesterday and this to tell her i am really sorry!!

Played Down

Last week I was back to where all of this started. Yeah i was at Udupi. For the unknown I was working there and this website came into being while I was there. Though I had a blogspot account but it was after reading ouchmytoe by jammy i started a search for my own site and here it was a humble yet not so known website :P.

But this post has still more to say than just the reminder that this site was made at udupi. Last saturday i was at Udupi. Some of you may ask why I was there? Well, some of my stuff including my TV was left at udupi. and some of my ex-colleagues were using as if the TV was a free GIFT. (Free as in a meal). So thought of getting it back than leaving with strangers. Just while typing this it struk me that it’s the first thing i bought with my salary for myself.

I was on my way to bangalore the very next day i.e. on sunday.The day being sunday so I thought lets get back to watching plays and this times also its Ranga shankara. I was at ranga watching a play called “The Invisible River” I play based on the fight with one self and one’s beliefs. I great play and even better direction. So I am playing my self a little more than i should and enjoying my life to the lees.

Here is another news. This site will celebrate its first anniversary on 17th of March. Yes its one year and i still blogging my hearts off!! I am planning to shift this blog from here to the main Page. so before doing it i wish to know how many of you say yes to the shift and how many want me to stay here. BTW the home page is made by one of my college mates and it works only with firefox.