Down the Memory lane!!

I dont know how people feel when the look back and see their past but when i see it my past its full of happy and sad moments. For those who feel it was a their past was great and miss it I will say buddy why to waste your present for your past. and those who are still crying i will say stop crying the future has a something better in its bag.

Those who are still thinking why am i writing this post than guys for the record yours truly was reading letters written to him 6 years ago and missing his past his love and his life. May be its the beer which is taking its toll or its the letter that made me write this post at this ungodly hour.

Some of those letter were written by a person who is miles away and happily married. and some from my mom(which are a rare gem) and one from my dad (The rarest gem). For those who are thinking these mails as E-mails than mind you guys these letter are written with ink and on paper. and some of them gave me real strength when i was low. Like the one from my father, which was written when i was to write my class 12th exam and i was not at all sure that i will pass. It was his letter which gave me strength. I still remember the words. He wrote

Dear son,

I am fine and hope that your are also good. Further, dont worry about the results. Just give in your best and i am sure every thing will be the come out good. Dont worry what will happen for if you do give your best you will know you have given your best shot.


Your Dad.

Than there are letter from someone whom i used to call Sana. she was born with me and died with me.

All those times makes me fell nostalgic. All of them are inside a folder named “Santosh Kumar” and dated 2002 but contains memories of a life time.

Ten things I miss having in my life now


I have been tagged by one of the reader, renamed from “Honey Bee” to, “Bee, Honey Bee” (a la – Bond, James Bond estyle)

1.                  Those school prayers where we used o recite Sanskrit shlokas. I still remember studing in Sarasawati Shishu Mandir at my native village where we used to sing “Shanti Path” (peace hymn). It gave internal peace than the prayer sung at my English medium school. Though some of them were at par with the Sanskrit shlokas. Like Rabindra nath thakurs – Where mind is without fear.

 2.                  The times when the whole class was your friend. Those school days where love was what you did to your class teacher than to your classmate. When the person who shared his/her lunch box with you was your best friend. The only difference between a girl and boy was of skirt and shorts

 3.                  I was send to hostel when I was in class 4th (the same way my elder sis and bro were sent off). So I don’t know what does it takes to stay at home and get the love of mom and dad. If given a chance I would love to stay with mom and dad. But if you ask me what I will do with my kid. I will surely send them to hostel

 4.                  Those hormonal effects when you reach middle school. Those crush, proposals and rejections. I was one of those normal guys and so was my crush. IT happened when I was old enough to know more difference between a guy and gal. It was a one sided affair went on for 6 months after that she left the school :).

 5.                  No I can forget the hostel days. So was I. Those friends and those pranks you play and the times you bullied you juniors and times you were bullied. To bunk the hostel walls and go and watch the movies.

 6.                  Those measly pocket money you get every week end. And trips to the Local Guardian’s place on outings days,

 7.                  Coming down to college and a new smell of freedom. Bunking classes were much easier than taking a sick leave.

 8.                  Those weekend birthday parties where booze was an essential item. It was the time when food was surplus and booze was scarce.

 9.                  College never gave the exam blues as much it was in school. The study was the first priority in school days and it become the last when I came down to college. Marks 71% in 10th, 61 in 12th, and 57 in college is a sure shot sign of that.

 10.              For reasons unknown to me I still miss my school days more than my college days.

I am a girl (Final Part)…

BKP – That’s so cool.
Ank – What? It’s cool? My dad is sick and my mom is leaving me and you say its cool. So mean. I never knew guys could be so insensitive.

Confused?? Read Part one and Part Two to know more

BKP – Actually I meant its cool for your dad that there is some one is coming to take care of him. BTW I am always there to take care of him.

They know each other for just 5 days and Mr. BKP is head over heels to do anything for miss Ankita. I am sure miss Ank would have been really flattered by this comment.

Ank – Thanks for the concern BKP, but one of my friend will stay with me and there I have got a cousin in the town to take care of me. BTW you had viral? Its you, who need care more than me.

BKP – when is you mummy coming back?
Ank – Most probably she will be back by Monday.
BKP – That’s great.
Ank – what’s great in it. I will be alone for two days. BTW talk to you later. I am helping mom in packing.
BKP – Ok. Bye. Talk to you after your aunty leaves.

The same night.

BKP – Hi had your dinner.
Ank – ya, Just now with mummy.
BKP – ok. So mummy left?
Ank – Yes. I am already missing her.
BKP – Don’t worry I am there na. (Read: Main Hoon Na!)
Ank – Thanks. Good night. I am in no mood to talk.


BKP – Hey. Good morning.
Ank – Morning. How are you?
BKP – I am good. What about you?
Ank- bad. I have got special classes. (Remember Ank is doing Dental.)
BKP – Ok talk to you after classes.

Saturday went just like that.

Sunday. The big day for MR BKP cos today Ankita will meet her.

Ank – Hello. How are you?
BKP – I am good. So what’s you plans for the day.
Ank – going to End Point with friends. (For unknown end point is a small hill just on the outskirts of manipal. Where you can find couples having a gala time 😉 ;))
BKP – Good. Enjoy your day.
Ank – wanna come?
BKP – Nah. Meet you after you come back.
Ank – Ok.
BKP – bye.

BKP went to Big Bazaar to do some shopping including a new t-shirt worth rupees 149 is bought.

Time Evening 6’ Clock.
BKP – Hey good evening.
Ank – hello.
BKP – How was the day.
Ank – good. Had loads of fun. Now getting hungry. (Hinting BKP to take her out)
BKP – hey me to hungry. Why don’t we meet for dinner?
Ank – Great idea. See you @ 7:30
BKP – but where?
Ank – you tell.
BKP – I don’t know manipal. You tell me.
Ank – lets meet at Valley View. (Valley View is a 3 star hotel run by Welcome Group and the best in the town)
BKP – Ok. See you at 7:30
Ank – hey one of my friend will be coming with me. I hope you don’t mind.
BKP – no no it’s ok. Meet you at Valley view (VV). Where is VV?
Ank – Its near TC (Tiger circle). Ask any one. Or just ask your Auto guy to take you to VV.
BKP – But how will I recognize you.
Ank – I will be wearing a pink top and Jeans. Same for my friend. (The most common dress for a gal)
BKP – ok than see ya @ 7.30

Evening 7.30.
BKP – Hey me at VV. Where are you?
Ank – I am at my place. I will be late.
BKP – ok.
Ank – do one thing. Go and book a table for 3 of us. See you in ten minutes,
BKP – ok. I have already done that.

After 10 minutes.
Ank – hey I can’t come. My friend is not feeling well
BKP – why what happened?
Ank – Don’t know is getting dizzy and stuff. May be sunstroke.
BKP – ok than you come alone.
Ank – ok. You order something I will in ten minutes.
BKP – ok.

After 20 more minutes.
Ank – hey can’t come.
BKP – what happened?
Ank – my cousin has come home. My friend called him.
BKP – what?
Ank – I am so sorry. May be we will some other time. I am sorry.

BKP has kept all these info secret from all of roomies. He never told us what was the T-shirt for or why was for Manipal suddenly at 7:30.

But he never expected a welcome at home just to find Ankita AKA Santa waiting for him. He had a dinner at the one of the best hotel in the town. I hope this lesson teaches MR. BKP not to run after Gals.

For those who are curious Mr. BKP had a heavy heart and lighter wallet after the incident.

If any one wants the original transcript please excuse me, this was one the most horrible English-speaking guy I have ever seen.

After effects. My telephone bill has gone double due to this silly message session. By luck Mr. BKP has a free SMS facility.

I am a girl (Part II)…

This time the sender softens a bit and replies “ Oh! I am sorry to disturb your sleep. Hello I am Ankita”

Unable to make head or tail of the above line? Read the previous post here..

Mr. BKP thought this couldn’t be a gal. If the other person had been a gal she wouldn’t have told me her name so easily. So he shot another message.

BKP – I don’t think you are a gal. Please tell me who is this.
Ank – (Furiously). Hey mister who ever are you. Mind your tongue. If you cant respect a girl than don’t talk.

Mr. BKP thought wow; it’s my lucky day, a new week and new gal in tow. Lets try to impress her.

BKP – Hello, I am BKP. I am sorry. I thought its one of my friends playing prank. How you got my number?
Ank. – Hello BKP. I sent that message by mistake to you. It was for my friend.
BKP – Oh. That’s ok. Tell me what do you do?
Ank – I am doing my final year BDS from CODS (College of Dental Science), manipal. I am basically from kolar.
BKP – you are from manipal? I am also at manipal. I am from Bangalore but I am presently working here.
Ank – Don’t lie a guy from Bangalore will come down to work in such a small place no way.

(She also shot a few lines of kannada to test if he actually from Bangalore)

BKP – Hey it doesn’t mean I am from Bangalore than I will know Kannada.
Ank – Don’t lie any respectful kannadigga will know Kannada. Tell me the truth.
BKP – I am from . I have done my engineering from Bangalore.
Ank – Ok. So you are an engineer? That’s good. Are there any engineering companies around this place?
BKP – yes. There is a software company called
(Sorry. Company policies can’t name my company). It’s in Udupi. I work there.
Ank – so you are a software engineer. That’s good. My brother is in Intel, Bangalore.
BKP – No I am not a software engineer. I am a Quality Control Engineer. Actually, my brother is a PL in Honeywell, Bangalore (Another of his brother has come up) but I got placed through campus so had to come here.
Ank – Than jump to your bro’s company now.
BKP – I can’t cos I am a fresher. I joined this July only.
Ank – Ok. Bye. Class time.

The same day afternoon.

BKP – Good afternoon, Madam. Had your lunch?
Ank – No I will go now. Hey you just a testing engineer. I just talked to my brother and he told me quality control is nothing. And most of companies take freshers as trainee. How come you are promoted so fast?
BKP – It must be my capability that I have promoted.
Ank – I am impressed.
BKP – can you have lunch with me?
Ank – but you are in the company and manipal too far away from there.
BKP – No. I am at home. Today I have taken sick leave.
Ank – Why what happened?
BKP – Fever.
Ank – Than why don’t you take rest. We will have lunch some other day. Bye!!

The next day evening.

BKP – Hello. How are you?
Ank – I am fine. I should ask you this, How are you? Have you met any doctor?
BKP – I am down with viral fever.
Ank – than take rest and don’t forget to take medicine.
BKP – Thanks for being my friend, my only friend.
Ank – only friend? You don’t have friends? I mean People in the company.
BKP – they are there. But we just work in the company. There is no fun part involved.
Ank – what about your roommates?
BKP – They are my seniors. They treat me like a kid.

For most of you guys info. Mr. BKP is no kid and is never treated like kid.

Ank – oh that’s good. You have some one to look after you.
BKP – ya that’s there but than there is no friend na.
Ank – hey mummy came talk to you later.

The same night. After having a heavy dinner of 10 parota and half plate rice Mr. BKP messages.

BKP – hello. Had your dinner?
Ans – No. Mummy is preparing. I will have after that. What about you?
BKP – I told you na. My seniors treat me like a kid. They have brought me Milk and bread to have for dinner.
Ans – Oh that’s good. They are taking care of you.

On Friday anikta tells BKP that her mummy going back to native because her father is not keeping well.

What happened next read in next episode.

The Crying Me.

Yesterday I was crying. Out side it was rain and inside it was me. No its not because that I have a bad news to give or anything but. I had to see all those senti movies where the mother or father is dieing and the son is not there or where the hero and heroine meet after a Vanvas (Separation) of 22 years. Its all those heart touching movie that made me cry a lot. May be guys don’t cry in front of ladies but when it to filling up the buckets we are no less than the gals themselves. The other reason of my crying was that I have to leave the flat I am staying in and have to shift to a new location. Its not that I am in love with this place or the inmates of this but shifting to a new place is always a headache.

Crying reminds me of the last time I cried infront of loads of people was on 17th may 2006, my sister’s wedding. The very next day the sensex crashed more than 500 points. Ahem Ahem.

Wedding reminded me of the last post on wedding and how various people think about it!! Before I start let me wish luck to chriz for he is the next one trying to find the meaning of wife and marriage.. Best of Luck Buddy!!

For those who are thinking let him marry than we will write something silly, than wait on guys for my marriage is not in the books for a few years. My dear elder bro has joined a MBA college this year. That will take him 2 years to complete (being bit optimistic). After that it will be 2 more years before he gets married. Than comes my number. So its minimum 4-5 years before I will be married off. (Hoping that I don’t go to do MBA). So guys see ya after 5 years on my marriage. Its an open invitation.