My Love Life

Note: If you are looking for some humor or mushy post than please look at other posts. This is strictly a senti+mental entry. Read at your risk. I don’t take any responsibility of any type Mental, Physical or Monetary damage. (including all types not mentioned)

All this started when I was a bachelor (which I still am). I had all the freedom of the world. I used to laugh at my own will smile at my own. (Which i am able to do now, again). then there came a time when I was deprived from all of these fun. I never got to sleep at night( i used to sleep during day) , I stopped going to college (except when it was really needed), used to sing songs whole night(mostly old love songs), I started talking to strangers, my friends were people whom none of my college friend had seen (even i got to see only few faces.) Rest were just voices. my life was becoming more psychopathic. People told me i was in love. It was like sweet love poison. i was dying a slow death.

My life became more colourful. I had loads of frens. i was in love. and love had such a great feeling i never knew. I forgot to eat, sleep, study, even stopped calling parents. Reason all my money was spent(because i was in love)

but it all ended when my final year exams started. i talked less, went to college (to give exam), stopped singing love songs (instead started humming notes), slept a little at night( rest of the studying). no more love in the air feeling, no more sweet death.

I thought let this exam finish i will be back at my track but as the saying goes Man proposes, God disposes. My net connection was taken away and i was left alone. My only source of meeting was taken away. I cant chat with my other frens on yahoo chat. I hate this cruel world. My only love (chatting) was taken away from me. Lets hope that i find some other place which allowed me to chat.