This post is dedicated to a dream which i had broken.Before that some good news. We have finished our trainee project and we are free these days. How do we celebrate? What could be a better way to celebrate by doing the way we used to do it during our college days? BUNK! We bunked office and went to watch Race. A team of 7 of us left office at 2 and had a fun filled day with popcorn and loads of babes. Nah not the office ones but on the screen. I heard from that dream yesterday and this to tell her i am really sorry!!

Will I be?

All in all the bottom line is Will i be able to take care of the person. Help the person to get the dignity back and live a better life!!

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The things i am about to write is a tough decision I have made for self. and hope that i dont fail myself while going on this decision. Here is the deal i am planning to take care of a person who i just know by the name and voice. I am yet to meet the person.

It was a Wednesday, Mar 19th 2008, night just like any other night and i got a call which changed my thoughts towards life and my thoughts towards people i have hurt in pas. The person was crying at the other end and it was the same story which i have done to someone else. Now i feel it’s the worst time in my life when i was playing with someone else emotions.

When i came to know the plight of the person i thought the best thing would be to call the person to Bangalore and ask the person to start the life from a new end.

I hope that the i am able to take care of the person and make the person the bitter past and keep the person safe. Hope god forgives me for what all i have in past. If i am not forgiven than also i wil be happy cos i am content that i will be doing some good deeds and tried to bring a life back to normal.

All in all the bottom line is Will i be able to take care of the person. Help the person to get the dignity back and live a better life!!

Will I be?

Played Down

Last week I was back to where all of this started. Yeah i was at Udupi. For the unknown I was working there and this website came into being while I was there. Though I had a blogspot account but it was after reading ouchmytoe by jammy i started a search for my own site and here it was a humble yet not so known website :P.

But this post has still more to say than just the reminder that this site was made at udupi. Last saturday i was at Udupi. Some of you may ask why I was there? Well, some of my stuff including my TV was left at udupi. and some of my ex-colleagues were using as if the TV was a free GIFT. (Free as in a meal). So thought of getting it back than leaving with strangers. Just while typing this it struk me that it’s the first thing i bought with my salary for myself.

I was on my way to bangalore the very next day i.e. on sunday.The day being sunday so I thought lets get back to watching plays and this times also its Ranga shankara. I was at ranga watching a play called “The Invisible River” I play based on the fight with one self and one’s beliefs. I great play and even better direction. So I am playing my self a little more than i should and enjoying my life to the lees.

Here is another news. This site will celebrate its first anniversary on 17th of March. Yes its one year and i still blogging my hearts off!! I am planning to shift this blog from here to the main Page. so before doing it i wish to know how many of you say yes to the shift and how many want me to stay here. BTW the home page is made by one of my college mates and it works only with firefox.

How Pizza Hut got its name.

Today while i was seeing my feeds i saw a video posted of Aaditya Shivkumar @ u2b.in by the director of the movie. Here is the movie. its really great.

On BigAdda | On YouTube

Down the Memory lane!!

I dont know how people feel when the look back and see their past but when i see it my past its full of happy and sad moments. For those who feel it was a their past was great and miss it I will say buddy why to waste your present for your past. and those who are still crying i will say stop crying the future has a something better in its bag.

Those who are still thinking why am i writing this post than guys for the record yours truly was reading letters written to him 6 years ago and missing his past his love and his life. May be its the beer which is taking its toll or its the letter that made me write this post at this ungodly hour.

Some of those letter were written by a person who is miles away and happily married. and some from my mom(which are a rare gem) and one from my dad (The rarest gem). For those who are thinking these mails as E-mails than mind you guys these letter are written with ink and on paper. and some of them gave me real strength when i was low. Like the one from my father, which was written when i was to write my class 12th exam and i was not at all sure that i will pass. It was his letter which gave me strength. I still remember the words. He wrote

Dear son,

I am fine and hope that your are also good. Further, dont worry about the results. Just give in your best and i am sure every thing will be the come out good. Dont worry what will happen for if you do give your best you will know you have given your best shot.


Your Dad.

Than there are letter from someone whom i used to call Sana. she was born with me and died with me.

All those times makes me fell nostalgic. All of them are inside a folder named “Santosh Kumar” and dated 2002 but contains memories of a life time.