Happy Valentines Day

Its one year today and I still miss her. Let me recite you all guy the story of how she was taken away from me. last year on this fateful date of 14Th Feb.

It was the lovely evening of 13Th Feb 2006. It had rained making the evening cold and air romantic. the evening was made even more lovely by the ever bubbling and cheerful crowd of Bangalore. The love was surly in the air. I was traveling by the BMTC bus and somewhere in my heart i felt that i have lost her. i took my friends cell phone and tried to call her. THE PHONE was picked but there was no reply. and i knew that she is gone for ever. The number was Unreachable. I was cursing the person who took her away from me. I felt like crying it was the Valentine’s Day Eve and she is no longer with me. I thought of filing a police complain for the same and even went to the police station but the said its not the case of theft. Those guys told me its case of misplacement and the can just take a complain for “Lose of Asset” and not of stealing or nabbing. I hate those policewala. They are like goons. i think the thief must have bribed them so that they wouldn’t write my theft report.

The after effects of the incidents. i was alone on the new years eve. there was not one girl i could contact. all my friends were having fun and i was at this police station and doing some official at my service provider.

If u ask me how much i miss her? my answer would be loads. But i missed my nokia 3120 more the nokia 7250. Both of them were stolen on the great BMTC bus. Even though 7250 was a camera phone i miss 3120 for the reason on he day it was stolen. i was unable to ask any gal t be my valentine as all the numbers were gone. it was such a bad day. my valentines day without my phone and no numbers.

4 Months and Kicking

What does the topic means. there can be many interpretation to it. let me try to tell you some of them

1. i have not paid the Rent for past 4 months and my land lord is kicking me
2. My Kid is 4 months old
3. My first blog was 4 months back
4. My secret affair is now 4 months old.
5. i am married/ Engaged for 4 months
6. My wife/ Girl Friend is pregnant for last 4 months and the baby kicked for the first time
7. Some is kicking me for last 4 months
8. i am trying to get some attention from a lady colleague for last 4 months
9. I have kicking myself for not making my self any better for past 4 months
10. i will let you guys decide

Alas but none of the above has ever happened to me. i hope some of the above should have happened to me. something like the 4th point. But today is a more special day .

I have completed my 4 month in the company i am working for. Here is the details of my bravery during my 4 months stay at the company

1 Project leader resigned
2 Team Leads Resigned
3 out of 3 performance appraisal has a negative performance
4 Team Leads changed the project
7 Developers Resigned
15 Got days paid leave granted before the Release Candidate

P.S. -> While i type this my PM is planning a scheme to throw me out.

Bout Me Last Part

So. it seems that you are yet to find out who i am. No problem. You will surely come to know bout me but it solely depends upon on your tactics of finding out and me in telling you!

Here i go again i have started to give lecture on myself. so instead of going into more of lectures let me tell u about me!!

P.S.-> This detail is given in resume formate because i am a fresh grad and the habit of making resume is yet to fade away

Name : You Can See in the Rigt side top
Age : Why do u want it ( If u want to marry me talk to my parents)
Sex : Yes ( Only Females please)
Education : Degree to bus naam ki hoti hai asli knowledge to kaam karne se milta hai
Address : http://s4n705h.blogspot.com
Occupation : Sitting on a chair and surfing the net
Industry : I just know tree and stree( Women )
Achievements :
1. Party whole night and goto office next day
2. Sleep in the office due to whole night party

Death By MultiStar

What is classified as a Brain death? According to wikipedia its
Brain death is defined as a complete and irreversible cessation of brain activity. That means if a person whose brain has stop all forms of activity is called as brain dead.

This is my condition for past few days I feel that I am in a state of brain dead roaming as Zombie. Reason being.. On saturday I went to watch a movie and from that day till today I am in a state of coma and brain has stopped functioning and my heart is still beating just to let me know that I am brain dead. I searched whole of net to get this term for my present state. and the culprit is a very big movie. call the blame on the movie or the praise the ticket broker. what the heck now whats the relation between a ticket broker and the movie.

let me describe the flow of events from the beginning..

Day Friday
Time 8Pm
I goto to my travel agent to book my ticket. for what. arey yaar i have do travel (albeit on company account but on my own 🙁 ). The guy promises to deliver ticket next day by 3.

Day Saturday
Time 3Pm
After waiting the whole day and 5 calls i feel that the guys will not be coming . so i make my exit to the nearest theatre showing a HINDI movie.

Time 4Pm
After standing in the line for one hour the ticket window opens. (although i was the only one on the line. but why to take a risk). I should have known the movie review at that time only. But me and my great head.

Time 6:30 Pm
I am in a state of brain death tortured by 12 Different lives, 6 Couples, One problem Love. Suddenly god sent me a well meant savior The Travel Agent. One call took me out of the Coma that was leading to my Slow and Painful death. Though the happiness lasted momets but it was well accepted. The travel agent robbed me of whole of my salary in one shot. The ticket cost has doubled from the time when i ordered them and now i have to pay for those tickets. Another shock. Which left me in this state. i am yet to recover from it.

Moral of the story. Never Watch Salaam – e – Ishq when you are expecting some monetary problem

P.S. -> i am begging my company to let me have my next months salary to pay up my traveling charges.


The other day i was having a chat my long lost friend. ( we were lost in the most ruthless corridors of our cubicles at the office). and exchaging the stories of our past life ( Life before lunch) and present life (While having the evening cigarette). oh my god save me from those ladies at our office. cant call them chicks due to their age ( we can always have the name chicken for them). and mind u they are yet to reveal their age. and my my mind just said Leave me or Leave me(its not a typo) . i wanna die. give me some break. these so called chicken are killing my eye sight. its better to burn my eyes by watching those skimpy clads maal ( mmmmmmmm…..) at forum mall. i ma planning to leave this company and stating to become a beggar in front of the forum mall bangalore.

Than there comes our HR ( WOW… Look at her). may god bless the company for keeping such a good looking HR. i have made all the efforts to have a chat or look of her. i have even bribed the guy at cafeteria and coffee shop to let me know when she comes. i have joined the company’s Works Committee so that i can see her for more than a mere glimps. and one i remembered my HR’s words if u have any problem do let me know. i go to her and say Love ME or I Leave… she said she will give her reply later.

two days later i got a invitation to join her for lunch. my lcuk wow.. what a lucky guy i am.. of course i am the next Hunk in making. i reach the destination. and instead of the HR there are 5 people with my HR’s god(goon) like husband ( the Hulk meets Hunk). its better to stay in hospital than to living in Hell.