Working my @$$ off!!

If you are made to work like a donkey and paid peanuts what will you do. Leave the company or ask for less work and a pay hike. isn’t it?

But there is another way you can get your money back. How? well its much simpler than above said things. Go ahead and do what i do. Either do less work or start a social life of your own or you can do both.

It seems that most of the salaried people are either working like hell so that they can save for their future. but the forget that its the present what matters the most not the future. I have seen people thinking about their future and the forget what they have got in hand. Guys enjoy and try to find happiness in what you have got.

Few days back some of we friends went for bowling. Instead of thinking that is it worth its better to take a plung let us see if it was worth of. and after we were done we felt the the time spent was worth the money spend. It was fun seeing the 10 pins falls. For most of us were either first or second timers. But we took and chance and it was what we thought that our present is what we can enjoy nor its our future neither our past which we can do anything to.

I remember one line from some movie it was goes something like this ” We crib at our past and worry about future. Its like standing on the two boats called Past and Future and pissing on our present.”

Guys work like you dont have to work tomrrow but make sure that when you party you party like there would not be another like this for a long time. Cherish every good moments and remember bad one when you are in DEEP SHIT and think if i can get out that one than i can get out of this too.


this is a quick post when i am drunk as a regular drukard. shit full of bacardi which was finished by 3 of us. the finale was a neat(raw, for some), with a dash of lemon and salt. You people must be thinking why so much of spirit. it was the annual day of my of my roomie’s company.  so to celebrate we had a party at my place.  I also wish to apologizes to all those people who dont want me to drink but it was just remove the mental strain. I hope u will pardon me.and as far as the post tilted “Will i be” is concerned i happy to tell that the matter is on the safer side on the line. thanks to all of you for having faith in me. tough the matter is not yet closed more updated will be coming up later. Let me introduce a new blog writer on this blog, named Deepa. she would be writing on the same location but its her will when she write. hope you guys appreciate her writing talent. she is poetess in making, and most of her poems are in hindi. i will try to translates her poems english, if she writes anything poetic.Till than keep drinking at ur home and let world be a safe place to live in. 


How will you feel when you are raped twice just in 30 hours duration. That too just after the office hours. well the first time i went voluntarily in the den and second time it was an innocent invitation that led from one thing to other and before I can think anything i was inside the den.

If you are thinking how come guys be raped ever heard of “getting screwed.” Without much delay lets start the with the first time. It was the holy day of thursday time 5 pm venue the company auditorium, reason – quiz competition. It was a 25 question GK quiz and me and my friend were able to answer all. the only problem was that we got 2 right.

It was an average day at office today i reached at 11 am and than had round of coffee. Checked the mails by the time it was 12:45, went for a lunch, had a hearty lunch of kerla parota and capsicum baby corn curry, with a glass to juice to drown it down, came back at 2 and time for a good night sleep. Look i am working too much these days. was kicked by a guy to wake up at 4 to go and play TT. after coming back one of my colleague asked wanna meet some one. I said sure. and off we went. Just to be found the den of a direct marketing guy. Locked inside a room with guys. Mind Fu(ked for 2 hours and i was oh no where the hell i am stuck. god save me. hope i am much more careful next time. so that people cant rape my head like this.

How Pizza Hut got its name.

Today while i was seeing my feeds i saw a video posted of Aaditya Shivkumar @ by the director of the movie. Here is the movie. its really great.

On BigAdda | On YouTube

The story of TWO

This is a true story of a guy who was ragged by his seniors at an engineering college. The college in the context had a rule that the juniors have to wear formals. The guy was in formals but he never wore socks. So the senior caught him with socks and asked him

Senior: Moza kaha hai(where is the socks).

Junior: i have washed them.

Senior: Dusara moza nahi hai? (You dont have second socks?)

Junior: Hai (yes i have)

Senior: Tab pehna kyu nahi? (Than why didn’t you wear?)

Junior: Mai dono moza eik sath dhota hu (I wash both my socks together)

The story at my end is that i am loving my life at the new company.   I was talking to one of my rakhi sis!! She told me i look like a Chowkidar (watchman) at present and asked me to revamp my looks. Starting with losing my paunch.    For the same i have started to drink warm lemon water with honey early morning.  Playing table tennis while at the office. Please dont ask about my eating habit. i am yet to change them.

I will be meeting my parents soon.  They are coming down to attend the marriage of my cousin sister.

Rest some time later.