Leave Letter

Dear sir/ Madam, (I don’t know who are you)

This is to tell you that I will be not available online for the next 3 days. As I am going to the silicon valley of India. See the irony of the life when I am at a small town in south Karnataka I am online more than 9 hours a day. But when I am at the Silicon Valley I am not able to come online. So I request you to allow me to meet you there. Please bring you post and comments written during this period, I will tell you the pass you my comments than and there. I have given my contact number at the bottom of the letter. Do call me up. For those who want to meet please be ready to spend some bucks. (Nah I wont ask you to have lunch or dinner with me) It’s for the nuisance I will make after I get drunk.

I am coming down to celebrate my friends Happy Birthday to You. Which was on 11th July. For those who want to wish my friend many many happy returns of the day, can send me cash to my mail id and gift description to Bank account. I will buy and make sure that my friend gets the gifts, I am not sure when but he will surely get it.

Till than do remember me!!



My Day!!

7:00am – Alarm rings
7:10am – Alarm rings
7:20am – Alarm rings
7:30am – Alarm rings
7:40am – Alarm rings
7:50am – Alarm rings
8:00am – Wake up and turn off the alarm. Go and bring the newpaper. Goto loo.
8:10am – Finish reading paper. Come out of loo. Brush. Turn on the TV. Watch some music channel while Brushing my teeth
8:15am – Turn up the TV volume. Go and take bath ( Ya I take bath everyday)
8:30am – Spray deo on cloths (not me) to remove the smell from them. Turn off TV and go to office
9:00am – Reach office have breakfast.
9:15am – Turn on my iMac. Check my mails
9:30am – Start safari and check all the blogs added in bookmarks and feeds(saving companies bandwidth) .
10:30am – Check personal mail for blog comments!
10:45am – Check google analytical for number of hits
11:00am – Check office mails and send forward them to others.
11:30am – Check orkut for online friends.
11:40am – Start the development IDE (Tool) and start the game.
12:00am – Still playing the game.
1:00 Pm – Lunch hour
2:00Pm – Check the feed, mail, and personal mails anything new
2:15Pm – Forward some more mail.
2:30Pm – Start the game and play for 3 Hours.
4:30Pm – Take a break and check feed, mail, and personal mails.
4:45Pm – Open up word and start some blog topic to write or try to finish the old post.
5:30Pm – Go for evening snacks.
5:45Pm – Check mails and feeds for a last time.
6:00Pm – Leave for Home.
7:00Pm – reach home. Watch Tv.
8:00Pm – Go out for dinner.
9:00Pm – Watch Tv. Call some friends just for fun sake.

I Don’t know what time I sleep.

PS-> Tea, Coffee breaks are not included because they are taken as often as i can.

Messenger and iTunes is always on in the background.

The Computer and Me!!!

In a few minutes a computer can make a mistake so great that it would have taken many men many months to equal it…

Today I had a fight with my colleague. The reason was the same thing, which we both dare. Nah its not computer (BTW its also in list but its too high up.) It’s a computer crash. It so happened my colleague, and me were fighting for the system that is common to both of us. (We are in the same project) It was a really important work, and I had to do it as soon as possible. But he (add some choicest abuse yourself) won’t allow me. The work was to beat the time record he had made into the new racing game installed into the system And we had a fight over it he had the mouse and I took the keyboard and started pulling and pushing each other for the utmost supremacy. I was about to hit him with the keyboard suddenly we heard a loud noise. He was dead before he knew. The CD-rom stopped working so do the cabinet with all its inhabitants.

It was just another example when a hard disk crash has left me middle of nothing. And I am happy. Arey ab kaam to tabhi suru hoga na jab hard wapas milega!!! ? Till than happy blogging and chatting. (Cant add orkuting as its blocked 🙁 )

The weekend I had!!!

It started the same way @ 8PM with “8PM.” (Or was it Bacardi?).

Confused?? Read my last post. For more!

I never knew that this weekend wont be the same as the my other “Pre Planned” weekends. We had the most memorable Friday night party.

Here is what happened.

We all had good night of party till 1AM at our local den. Than the owner came down and asked for the money just to know that we had none!! If you are thinking that we were beaten up than you are wrong. WE were neither beaten up nor made to wash the dirty plates for two days. It was just me who had to do all the honors. The rest of them just fled away and I was left to face the death sentence.

The weekend started with half a cup of cold tea and half a dozen TUBS full of dirty dish.

Saturday was full of chicken and Paneer dishes (To be washed)! And Sunday was full cries and moans. After a good washing and cleaning any one will cry in pain!

(Washing: Dhulayi in Hindi or beating in English)

My Weekend!!!

Every one of you must be having lots of plan for the weekend. So do I have or lets say I have the same plan for every weekend. I love it and try to stick to it. There are some changes but it’s too trivial to be mentioned or thought about.

So here goes my weekend detail: –

Starts on Friday @ “8PM”. For more info on 8PM please visit the link!
In short its party time. Booze, eat and make merry. It’s the start of the weekend and the party and fun goes on till the next day.

Saturdays are a bit boring as most of the weeks pending work from going to bank to paying the bills are done. For which I have a dear friend and he does it for me while I sleep and try to remove the hang over with Lemon added to You know what. Arey water!! What else. I am not a drunkard. But I also know if you don’t want a hang over stay hanged.

Saturday I get loads of eatable including chips and Popcorn. You guessed it right its movie time. Its fun to snuggle up in bed and watch all those romantic mushy movies on a 53CM screen. Pure ecstasy.

Sunday is the best of all. Wake up @ my own time. Have a hearty lunch some where out with friends. I don’t forget my near and dears one. So call them up and talk to them. Sunday is the day I call every one of my family talk to them. If I don’t make calls on Sunday my telephone bill would be come one third of the present amount.

See you all on Monday. I will tell you how was my weekend. Happy Weekend. Enjoy!!!