The Egoistic Clash

The clash was not the thing I wanted to happen to me. The last thing I wanted to happen to me was a fight. The exchange of words took place at the most common place of the house. If you are thinking about bedroom, drawing room or dining room than you are absolutely wrong. It was the kitchen of the apartment I share with one of my colleague. The time was the black hour of the night when the sun has gone down and the moon has just started to climb. I had finished my dinner and was at the sink cleaning up the dirty utensils. For those who don’t know, I have to clean up all the dirty utensils of the house including the one in which the food was prepared. Cleaning being my daily routine so I used to do the cleaning with closed eyes. But on this day I had to open my eyes when my hand found something I was not accustomed of cleaning.

It was a coffee mug, which belonged to me but was being used by my roomy (My roomy had to clean his own utensils). He used to die (or is it dye) his hairs. The cup was dirty. Which made my blood boil and I thundered into his room and bellowed. Why the F#&K is this dirty cup with my utensils. He must have thought about the reply. He gave a flat and dry reply ” I had washed it I don’t know how come its dirty!!” this made me really angry and I said stop using my cup. He being another egoistic said, “I won’t be using anything than belongs to you” Hmmmmmmmm and the very next day he was off to buy himself the utensils for himself.

Now the question is who is wrong. Was it me or the moment when I asked him!!!