Apple Facts

NOTE:This was the article i wrote for my company’s magazine some months back. Its a just a fact sheet. Hope you guys have something to add to it!!

As you have read this word you must have groaned ahhh.. another article on apple computers. Wait we are not talking about apple computers. We are talking about apple as a fruit, noun or anything else. So first thing first, why Apple! Well ladies and gentleman it was an Apple, which was the cause of the ultimate sin between Adam and Eve. Remember the Story?

So what else it comes to your mind when I say apple. For sure the name of great scientist Sir Isaac Newton will ring a bell. For those who still are searching for an answer he is the same person who discovered gravity.

Here are some of the interesting folklore on Apple.

• Swiss folklore holds that William Tell courageously shot an apple from his son’s head with his crossbow, defying a tyrannical ruler and bringing freedom to his people.

• Irish folklore claims that if an apple is peeled into one continuous ribbon and thrown behind a woman’s shoulder, it will land in the shape of the future husband’s initials.

• Apples are said to remove birthmarks when rubbed on the skin.

• In the fairy tale Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, the princess is killed, or sunk into a kind of coma with the appearance of death, by choking on a poisoned apple given to her by her stepmother. Later, the princess is jostled into coughing up the piece, miraculously returning her to life.

• In the United States, Denmark and Sweden, an apple (polished) is a traditional gift for a teacher. This stemmed from the fact that teachers during the 16th to 18th centuries were poorly paid, so parents would compensate the teacher by providing food. As apples were a very common crop, students would often give teachers baskets of apples. As wages increased, the quantity of apples was toned down to a single fruit.

• In Ancient Greece, a man throwing an apple to a woman was a proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted

And here are some Facts.

• The name of the Russian party Yabloko means “apple”. Its logo represents an apple in the constructivist style.
• Apple Records and Apple Computers both have the apple as their logo. Apple computer had to pay $80,000 to Apple Records for the use of the apple logo in a case filed by the apple records.
• Apple contains 25% air. That makes it float in water.
• Apple Computers first logo was Newton sitting underneath an apple tree.
• I bet if any one of you knew this. McIntosh is a variety of apple from which the name of Macintosh Operating system is taken.
• The founders of Apple Computer had one thing common in personal life they both had their first name as Steve. Steve wozniak and Steve Job.
• New York city is also called as the Big Apple.

Last but not the least always remember “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, if the doctor is lovable keep the Apple away”.

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Geek Service!!

It seems people think that my name actually is s4n705h. No guys its just the geek in me which makes all these new names. BTW J.V. Rajan had to tell his reader that the name is not his creation. I met few people who actually wanted to write the specialized names for themselves. So here is the trick. Look at the keyboard and search the equivalent key for the same. Like “s” can be written as 5. If you are too lazy to do the same than I can help you out. I will call this Geek Service (It’s not social). Here I will list out the character and their alternative style of key. Some of you may ask what’s the advantage of the same. Well buddy it’s the simplest way to remember you password. How? Will tell that later. First make up a good alpha-numeric-special character name for your self.

Some characters can be written in multiple ways. I will try to list all of them. Multiple representation are separated by comma(,)

A – 4, @, /-\ ,
B – 13, !},
C – ( , [ ,< D – 1], 1), 1>, !>, this one has got loads of representation
E – {, 3 (Yes number Three is also regarded as E)
F – !=, |=, |: ,
G – 6 (Caps G) or 9 (small g)
H – #, 1-1, |-|
I – !, 1, |,
J – ? (Turn it upside down), _|,
K – |< , 1< L - |_ , !_, M - ^^ , /\/\ , N - /\/ , |\|, ^ O – 0 (Zero ), (), P - !0, Q – (-) R – 12, S = $, 5, & , T – 7 , +, U - |_| , V - \/ , \_/ w- \_|_/ x - * , >< , Y - >– ,
Z – nothing ?

The special characters used here are
! – exclamation mark,
{} – flower brackets,
[ ] – square brackets,
( ) – Round Brackets,
@ – At the rate,
# – Hash,
^ – Upper cap (could be found on top of number 6)
– – Minus
_ – Underscore
\ – Back slash
/ – Divide
| – Pipes ( found on top of \ back slash)
> < - less than and greater than sign ( angle brackets) : - colon Now to usages of this type of terminology. How many times you have to think of the password, which must have numbers characters, and special characters. For me it’s a must. And I am a firm believer of the fact, “you love someone else marry someone, and the one you loved becomes the password of your mail id!” Most of my id’s have names as the password but they are in above form. Thus making it really hard for any one to guess it. Use the above format and make a password, which you cant forget for life!! All you have to look at the keyboard and create a new password.

Tagged? WTF!!

Well that must have been the reaction of Honey Bee and dinsan. Both honey and dinsan were TAGGED ( For first time ) and just like me they never had any idea what the heck is this tagging is all about.

The correct word for the same is blog-tag! It’s an online game or chain blog linking. It’s same thing like chain mails, which says “Send it to so many people and you will have good luck for so many years” BUT much better than that. In this if you are tagged you have to write a blog post on the rules made by the person who tagged you.

For example,

Blogger A writes a post on his favorite 5 movies and gives the following rules

1. Tagged bloggers should give the name of their 5 favorite movies
2. There must be 3 person tagged.

And some more rules

Now A put the web address of people he/she wants to Tag and notifies them about the same

Blog address of B, C, D

End of Example

The Tagged bloggers are now to write a post with 5 favorite movies of theirs and tag 3 more people.

Hope this will help!!


Hey guys.

This post is a small reminder that i may not be online for few days (Don’t panic if it turns to weeks) No it wont change into months. I am really busy with my work. Its already past eight and i am still at office. i was here before 9 am. Nah don’t feel sorry. So please bear with me. The reply to comments will be done once in a while.

The schedule is so tight that i am not able to read all the blog entries you guys make. hope you will understand.

Till than!!

Delhi Dordarshan National Channel. Period..

Note: This post was to come online on Monday but due to some personal re-ZZzzzzz-ons it’s delayed by 6 days.

This Saturday I went to bed about 7 in the evening but going to bed doesn’t mean that I went to sleep. The sleep never came to me for more than next 7 hour. I saw the inauguration run of Tour de France. I saw some more of the id-ten-t box. Most of it was parts of some stupid serial. I saw the qualifying round of British F1 @ Silverstone. In the wee hour after getting seriously bored I tried the every original Delhi Dordarshan.

The program coming on was some sort of documentary and I thought wow it will make my day errrrr…. Night. But it seems that the guys at Dordarshan never wanted me to sleep. They were showing a documentary on Ahem.. Ahhh.. Hmmmm. How I can talk such a topic. It was on ladies periods (Pun Uninteneded). I was shocked how come DD India is showing a documentary on a topic, which is taken as taboo in most of Indian household. But it was bold step and I really liked it at least some one has taken an initiative to educated people on the actual truth behind the Periods. It would be an eye opener for those who consider the lady as dirty during her periods.

Kudos to DD India for taking such a step. Go on guys but please if you can show the same during the peak viewing hour than @ 2 o’clock in the night. We in India really need some education on the development of the kids and the changes that come into their bodies.