Posting from home

Hello all,

This is post is being written on a P4 16Ghz, 128MB SDRAM system with a BSNl DialUp. the system is just 5+ years old and is still working like an old but reliable car.

First of all HAPPY DEEPAWALI to you ALL and you family. Hope you have a light and fun filled diwali.

“Bee! Honey Bee” your are right i was sad because cos anyone who has lost a job has got the right to remains sad. BTW this is the first diwali i am home in past 11 years. I am presently doing good.

Happy kitten. I am very much frustrated with my net connection and system so will get back to all the blogs after i return from my native. till than enjoy.

I have made some observations in the past few days. My mom and dad never said anything to me even though they knew i have lost my job. it was me who told gave them the news.

I dont drink tea (most of my people at my home think so) but as i work now so the assumption change to he can drink tea sometimes. 🙂

I dont know how many of ou have traveled by train in india. if you have than you all must have had a cup of hot tea from one of those stall or guys selling tea. But i dont know if you have ever seen a Lemon tea seller on plateform of the station. I have seen and it was the shock of my life as the station was not a metro but is a small district town of bhagalpur in bihar. (for the unknown i love lemon tea the most than comes leaf and than the regular milk sugar thing.) the look of lemon tea made me drink 2 cups of the tea at one go :).

Gone For Good

Hey people its time to say good bye. Don’t worry its not forever! I am leaving for my native(which is a small village in bihar) to celebrate diwali. See you guys after that. Till than Miss me 🙂

BTW, I am searching for a new job. If your company is willing to adopt a Mac Developer working on Carbon Framework with 1 year work ex. Please download the resume from here

We LAP from the TOP.

This post is my cribbing against the Amity B-School

I am talking about a B school known as Amity Business School (ABS). Before I start of the cribbing part let me tell you the college lost it AICTE recognition way back in 2005 and their fees 7+ Lac. Including Laptop and Hostel fees. 5.5+ Lac for tuition fees. Though the website says 2.05 Lac per year.

Now, to the cribbing part. It’s mostly about their laptops. The college provides laptops made by HP. They even have a HP support centre inside the campus. The configuration and software provided.

Intel Celeron Processor 1.8GHz
512 MB of RAM
32 MB on board Graphics Card
80 GB Hard Disk
In built Ethernet card
Combo Drive CD – RW & DVD – R
Windows XP pro with the latest Service Pack and windows Office comes.

Great Na? But!! There is always a “butt”. The laptop belongs to the institution till the last installment of fees is not paid. The OS (operating system) installed is not a personal version but the registered in the name of ABS.

The processor of the laptop (Intel Celeron) is the oldest version of the processor available in market. They were introduced way back in 1998 as a alternative cheap processor. Where as most of the latest laptops are equipped with Core 2 Duo, the laptops provided at ABS come with a processor, which are to be phased out by Intel in first quarter of 2008.

The company on the other hand doesn’t provide any CD/ DVD with a restore/ backup software. You only get the laptop and nothing else. What could be the height of the matter that there are no Device Driver CD/ DVD provided. On probing the HP Desk the people out offered to write a driver CD if the CD is provided to them. Even the CD writing software comes pre installed and they provide no CD. Are the guys at HP trying to save some bucks in pursuit to cut cost?

My question is to whom the student of ABS will go if there is any problem with their laptops after 2 they get their degree?

Poet in Me

I have been seeing loads of bloggers writings poems in their blog. I am avid fan of stories for the simple reason because they are not abstract. On the other hands poems can be more abstract than a talk on spirituality. Readers please don’t mind I am not here to make any comment on either of them or start a war of words between the followers of both worlds. They both are beautiful.

As told above I like stories but after seeing so many people writing more and more of poem I am getting inclined towards the other form of the writing. So here I present my attempt at poem writing.

I am a developer.

Working on a computer,
From January to December,
Using code debugger,
I am a developer,

Staying late at night,
With time is my fight,
Running a bug fixer,
I am a developer,

Its March and October,
Time to meet my appraiser,
Working harder and faster,
I am a developer,

Eating pizza,
Drinking Cola,
Becoming fatter,
I am a developer,

Learning Unix and java,
With all the flavor,
Forgotten how is mother and father,
I am a developer.

Lost the love for life,
Who is to ascribe,
Work or worker,
I am a developer.

I was screwed royally.

This post is written on a really serious note. If you are here for some fun and lighthearted article than STOP NOW!! Cos this article has got none of them

Yesterday was the day and the reasons were many.

A few days back one of my friend, who was my roomies, was told that he services is no longer required by the company (In short terminated). It was yesterday he left for Bangalore to search for a new job and better opportunities. I was sad!!

One of roomie lost his best friend to cancer. This guy is much older than me and one of few people whom I have never be seen as a sad person. He got the news in the evening and by 10 and he made a few calls (i.e. Mom dad, his friend’s family) than out of blue he comes out of his room and starts to cry. I have never seen some crying when I am not crying (Pun not intended). I was like oh no! Just minutes before every one went to sleep so it was me and him and there he was crying and I was sitting next to him just my arm over his shoulder sitting silently. May be that must have helped. Guys let what I have done was correct or wrong.

I had fight with one of roomies on a very trivial issue. It was just a verbal volley but it was there. May the series of the events happing made me blurt something, which I shouldn’t have. By night it was all fine but it such small things adds up to become a big issue.

The termination of my friend got me thinking, “am I the next one?”