Love Labour Lost

Love: • noun 1 an intense feeling of deep affection. 2 a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. 3 a great interest and pleasure in something. 4 a person or thing that one loves.

Labour: • noun 1 work, especially hard physical work. 2 workers collectively. 3 (Labour) the Labour Party. 4 The process of child birth.

Lost: past and past participle of LOSE.

I have seen all the three in my small life of 24 years, Collectively and individually. Except those which i have striked out. Let me walk you guys through them some of the situation when i have seen them.

<!--adsense#1-->Love: I love my Dad for being there as a bank and never asked to return his money(as most the banks do)

Labour: It was the most choking moment for me and i was not able to speak few years. Than i grew up learnt to speak

Lost: When my GF asking me have you lost anything and i said “My Mind”

Love and Labour: when My father with lots of love made me wash his Car

Love and Lost: When the bitch i wanted to Make Love with went missing

Labour Lost: The 25paise coin i took out from gutter was taken by the road side bully.

Love Labout Lost: when i forgot the login password to my wordpress account.

It was the most scary moment for me when when i forgot my wordpress login password. 4 hours and no answer. I must be crazy when i was trying for the password. i do remember my password has 6 char. i tried everything but no vain it was the same thing. but suddenly i saw the inevitable. The Caps Lock was on. and voila the mistake is found out and i am back. so the moral of the story keep your password in all CAPS so that no tension of turning off the caps lock.

Vote of thanks

I have been trying to shift from “blog spot” to to my own domain from long time. and now the time has come and i am here at my new destination. The shift took some time of me and it was a non eventful shift. I have been helped by some one. I would like to thanks Mr Vishwas of XVXZ. Thanks Vishwas.

The only event which is worth mentioning is the minor heart attack i got when i transfered money from my account to pay for the domain name. I got a call from my bank manager who told me “we just came to know of the Dot Com brust of 1999!!! Sorry for the delay but as you have registed a Dot Com site all your fund will freezed by the midnight 2099”

Do let me know about any tip or trick or any suggestion.