What a match it was

People must be thinking that i am talking about the match of India beating Bermuda black and blue in the ICC cricket world cup. No!! its a totally different ball game. where the spectators were less than the participants. It was the annual sports day of my company on 17Th Mar 2007. Believe it or not but most of the participants were not there. Reason being some fools thought it would be fun to stop the road transport from doing their daily round of ferrying passengers from Mangalore to Udupi ( In short they had a Rasta Roko) But the good part was most of the people who came as the spectator actually took part in some of the events they thought they will not take part in. ( Mind you the “m” here stand for Meters and not millimeters

i took part in 1000m race but was able to complete just 600 m before calling it quits. Threw some Disc and Metal balls they had some funny names for it calling them Discus and Shot-put. looks like someone had made some mistake while naming these events. the disc or so called discus is thrown aways without any Discussion and the metal ball when landed remains Put for a long time instead of short.

later in the day was kabaddi game and volleyball. mind u by now we do had some more spectators, who came walking 5-10 Km or who took a lift but they came. it was good to know that all 7 teams for volleyball had the minimum number of player. By the days end the events were called semi success as most of the gals preferred to stay PUT at home and missed all the Chance to discuss all those special gaming idea with them

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