I was screwed royally.

This post is written on a really serious note. If you are here for some fun and lighthearted article than STOP NOW!! Cos this article has got none of them

Yesterday was the day and the reasons were many.

A few days back one of my friend, who was my roomies, was told that he services is no longer required by the company (In short terminated). It was yesterday he left for Bangalore to search for a new job and better opportunities. I was sad!!

One of roomie lost his best friend to cancer. This guy is much older than me and one of few people whom I have never be seen as a sad person. He got the news in the evening and by 10 and he made a few calls (i.e. Mom dad, his friend’s family) than out of blue he comes out of his room and starts to cry. I have never seen some crying when I am not crying (Pun not intended). I was like oh no! Just minutes before every one went to sleep so it was me and him and there he was crying and I was sitting next to him just my arm over his shoulder sitting silently. May be that must have helped. Guys let what I have done was correct or wrong.

I had fight with one of roomies on a very trivial issue. It was just a verbal volley but it was there. May the series of the events happing made me blurt something, which I shouldn’t have. By night it was all fine but it such small things adds up to become a big issue.

The termination of my friend got me thinking, “am I the next one?”

7 thoughts on “I was screwed royally.”

  1. I believe u were really still not out of the blue while writing this post as well, correct ? Yea, things like that happen all the time in life. They go wrong, despite the perfections we tend to make. They go wrong anyways. That’s the way of life. It grooms us into maturity and strength. So the next time it happens you don’t let that wash your faith away. Life is to have faith and hope for the best beyond the unplanned accidents that come our way.


  2. @Sandhya
    Thanks buddy. that was a great help. it really boosted me up!!

    Done machha

    Yup.. but i was a bit low and yet to come to point where i can handle my own pains my self!!

    @H. K.
    thanks mate. Well it seems that i am the only guy you people know who cries. (At least admits)


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