Google is a Show Off

Few days back i gave told you guys about the mathematical calculations done at google. for more read this But this time google showed me its might at better calculation and automatically started converting the amount writtten in Indian Rupees to US Dollars. check out the snapshot. Guys at google its high time that you check the binaries before going LIVE.

Bug in Google
Bug in Google

In the picture above just look where it says Cash.. the amount is being displayed in $’s instead of Rs. which is being used to represent rest of the amounts.

Click on the image for larger view.

Google’s new age mathematics

Bug in Google
Bug in Google

I have got another BuGle. For more details on Bugle Please click here.

The image is snapshot of my share portfolio in Google’s website, which is simple and easy to use. But they have got this problem of inserting bugs in their code. If you look at the three red boxes in the image (right click and open image in new window/tab) . Market price(MP) is calculates as Last Price(LP) X Shares(S). So for Suzlon MP should have been 89.50 X 30 = 2,685.00 but according to google its 2,644.50. Google thanks for your new age mathematics.

Guys I really respect you and all the application that you make. But this type of faux-pas is seldom pardoned. You need a really good Quality Control guys at your office. And please sure that the quality guy and developer dont meet face to face. Tha you will have a really robust application

Daru, Shopping aur Mai

The Title speaks of its self. If you are any of my roomies than you can comment and vouch for the same else read on!!

If you remember my year started without a bang and buzz. As the year evolves i find my self getting more and more busy but i do got a fair share of happiness. Including new job, a nephew and lots of work at office (Yeah i love working).

So there was shopping mostly for booze because i was sad that the year started bad and then it was more booze because it getting better. The extent of drinking can be measured by the fact that i am alone at home at 6 PM IST and I have glass of whisky on the rocks. Now a Question arises have i been turning into a compulsive drinker? I would say bull shit. Drink 2+ liters of water at one go and you will have the same sensation that of the after a few drink. So essentially we all are a compulsive drinker the difference is what we drink!! 

So here i am thinking what to do about it and I got another idea. Go shopping!!  So in the last 3 months i have shopped for— Hold-Your-Breath just a little over 0.75 Lakh rupees. Ladies you will love me for this :). Most of the shopping were for a change of wardrobe,  few necessities including a brand new iPod Touch (16Gb Version), a washing machine and some jsut waste of money like a change of my 5 years old undie. 

but the final result is that after seeing those bill i am back to my room drinking some more and thinking what have i done!!  So you see shopping didn’t help in my drinking drive :(. Guys!  any new ideas?

Mela Happy Birthday To You Hai

Ancle, unty, bhaiya aul meli sari gul flend kal mela Happy Birthday To you hai. Aap log jalul se ana aul bahut sale gifts lana. I would have invited you people for my birthday in the way above had I been a kid of of 4years. (the girl friend part was added to show that i am still single. and becoming my GF will be one of the gifts you girls out there can give me) but neither i am a kid nor a 4year old. So its a quick reminder that I celebrate my 26th year of incarnation on “29th may” (again).

I seldom got to celebrate my birthday with friends for the reason all my b. days came during summer vacations.  Now i dont get to celebrate my birthday because we dont have a vacation from work. If you guys wanna throw me party my number is listed or drop me mail or comment i will call you back to know the address of the party. Those who wish to send gift please send them via “online money transfer” to my bank account. (details will be provided on request)

BugLE (Updated)

Update 1: It seems the guys at Google are really fast, they have fixed this bug.

This is not about me but one of the best emplyoer of the world. These guys have the policy of giving free services to the world. I am talking about Google. The biggest search engine has got a bug.  The title also mentions the same

BugLE = Bug + gooGlE

There is a bug while doing a dictionary search.

step to generate the bug. First goto

1. Search for “define:Santosh” (or any term after define:)

2. It shows related phrase and definitions

3. Click on the any related phrase except the first one. (anything other than santosh sivan)

4. instead of displaying the definition of clicked item. the page displays the clicked item appended to first search term

Make sure you check it before google rectifies the problem. Bab bad coder google. And you test enginners at google here is a message for you “Your testing Sucks”