What is short and long, has its own mood, is some time gloomy, bright, happy, comes in may colors including red, black and blue  and every one has got one. Tell me what it is? before you guys start having weird idea’s the answer is called “days”. Cherish these days. Happy new year to you all

India VS India.

In my last post I said i will try to tell you guys about my observation of different entities while i was traveling through out India. If you have not noticed i was in north @ Delhi, South @ Hyderabad, East @ Kolkata and Home, West @ Goa in last 3 months.

So instead of writing about few of them lets pitch all of them against each other.

Round 1: Travel.

I won’t say a thing about the journey but the first hand experience of destination or origin.

  • By Train –  Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Home
  • By Bus –  Goa, Bangalore
  • By Flight – Bangalore, Delhi(Terminal 1-A), Kolkata

I don’t know what’s your travelling preference but i always felt that train journeys are the best. if it satisfies one condition “You have a good company” I leave the choice of the companion to you it may range from sleep depravation to love or from a book to Girl Friend.

So here is quick comparison between the stations i have visited in recent past.

Hyderabad (Secundrabad to be precise):- A small and clean station. They have got adequate security and even though the same station is used for local trains it not that crowded.

Bangalore:- Its been quite some time before i gave bangalore station a visit. It was still the same crowded platform and even crowded ticket counters. But clean and chaotic.

Kolkata:- Huge station loads of people and little security. Its not that clean, though there are people taking care of cleaning but something, somewhere has gone wrong.

Home:- Really small station, not clean, no security, is in process of getting a face-lift. That include a new ticket window, generator, lights and fans on the platform but that betterment is still few years away.

Now comes the bus stands.

Bangalore: Has got a huge bus stand. lots of people. well marked platforms and dirty.

Goa: Medium sized, semi clean, not well marked and crowded.

Airports:- The fastest and (now not so) cheaper mode of transport. I chose this for last for the simple reason that i have been adding loads of air-mile.

Kolkata:- Really old airport. Small, crowded, Really slow security checks, No WI-FI, Shady Buses used for aircarft transfer(Most of them look like old city buses). But they do have a rail ticket reservation counter and post office at the arrival waiting lounge. fewer baggage claim belts and No AC taxi for stand. (One had to call for AC taxies)

Delhi:- Big, clean, with almost no crowd departure terminal. Even though its a new terminal baggage scan is mandatory(as compared to bangalore), WI-FI signal strength fluctuate every second.(In short it sucks, just WI-FI). Lots of shops including a Mc-Dee’s The arrival terminal is too crowded. even though they have 7-8 baggage claim belts the baggage arrival takes a life time. which makes the area even more crowded.

Bangalore:- Big, really clean, little crowded, No Baggage checks (which makes the check in really really swift) The check-in counter itself are dynamic(There no individual airline counter but any counter can be used by any airline. All the counters have a LCD screen showing the airlines name.) 3-4 ATM machine. 8-10 Self-Check-in counters. The arrival area is large and the baggage arrival is really fast max 5-10 min wait time. The only bone of contention is the location of airport. 25 KM from the city limits.

So if you are planning to go to any of these places plan accordingly.

Who Are You?

Yesterday i was checking my analytics results on https://www.google.com/analytics and i found that there is “some one from bangalore” who visits my site everyday. And most of the time its just a visit which accounts for less than 1 sec/visit. So whoever you are please let me know who are you? You use Mac system and browse using safari browser. I thank you for coming down daily. It would be great if you let me know who are you so that i will know more about my readers.

Other Reader should also let me know a little bit about themself and with what epectation do you come to this page.

Best Laid Plans.

This weekend I was in Mumbai. Those who thought that I should have called them, guys I was so busy! Wish I can say that. I was there for the party thrown in the honor of the latest member of my family. For more read this!! It was a single day affair but I was there for 4 days. Instead of giving these tid bits let start from the top, including my ticket booking to landing at Bangalore.

I planned to leave Bangalore on Thursday as part was slated for Friday. So the ticket was booked for Spicejet onwards and return on Sunday by Indigo courtesy travelocity.co.in (Trust me they give one of the best fare online). Suddenly one fine day my jiju (brother in law) called and said the ticket by kingfisher is available for 1800 INR go ahead and buy. There goes 1750 INR towards cancelling the ticket booked by Spicejet and Indigo. So that was the ticketing part.

On Thursday I was off to Mumbai. Nothing great about it but if you find your mom, dad, jiju and brother waiting at the airport is worth mentioning. Well they arrived 20 minutes before me from my native. J. After packing ourselves in the car we are off to see the boy-who-shares-his-birthday-with-me in short my nephewJ.

He is really sweet much more than me. (Trust me again) those who don’t trust me then tell me why he got all the kisses and I got none? Pics, coming soon, most probably by this weekend. The next two days were hectic, wrapping gifts which my mom brought from native and I took from Bangalore, attending ceremonies, parties and what not. I met some of my relatives whom I last met when my sister got married 3 years back and some even much more time later.

Saturday was the good bye day. Mom and dad left for native. My brother went to office. So there I was left alone at with my jiju. I thought lets go jiju’s office and see how it looks like. Later that day played a new board game with my sister, jiju, jiju’s sisters and jiju’s jiju. The game was called LIFE. What a name for game where you are married off, made to buy house, have kids and at last die with the desire to become a millionaire tycoon. After losing badly in the game of LIFE we were off to watch the movie “Hangover. ” Yeah, a drunkard like me can only go for a movie like that. A slapstick comedy should be seen by without children supervision.

Sunday came and my jiju took me for a shopping spree. I am still a Shopaholic (Shopping + Drinking). While driving from one shop to another I found a bottle of “Absolute” in jiju car. Before you say what a drunkard let me tell you I just had 2 pegs, we were to have lunch with my sister and jiju’s sisters. Here is the list of the things we shopped for – Shirts and Trousers from Louis Philippe, Perfumes from UCB and Dunhill, Mobiles from Nokia and Samsung. That was it and it was the time for me to head back. I got a SMS stating my ticket on kingfisher is upgraded to first class (Tip. If you are flying kingfisher, try http://optiontown.com. ). It is a good way to fly first class without paying bomb for.

Here is the pic of the Hriday. That’s the name given to my nephew.

Best Birthday Gift Ever

This year i got loads of things on my birthday including a Hefty Bill (for the party given), lots of birthday bumps and A good news.

Well the good news was a surprise for me. The reasons can be anything ranging from My ignorance, my non-commitment towards personal life or my boring self. No i am not getting married (still !). My sister gave birth to a baby boy on the same day i was born. that makes a Mamu (not the one used for policeman or fools) but a real mama. It called for double celebrations. For those who have not sent the money as birthday gift go ahead and send them. I know for sure of 3 (hopefully single) ladies who want to come and see my nephew. but my nephew has just told me that mama i will only meet mami. and till you don’t get married i will meet just your girl friends. So you ladies out there you must have got the drift 🙂 .

jokes apart i will try to put the pic as soon as possible.