Bout Me Part 1.

its too late to write about me when the blog was started some months ( or is it years) back. so the first question arises where was i? Hmmmm.. i was searching? for what? well… the place which allowed me to write blog without wasting my time? so that means i have found a place which has given to my demands. Yessssss!!!! i got a job… yuuuuuuu huuuuuuuuu. where? it for u to know and for me to tell. if u look on carefully this page and do a little bit googling you can always find bout the company i work for. let me give the biggest hint i can! the company i work for develops very few software or product for windows or linux(include all the flavour). WTF!!! Than on what Operating System my company works on?? i told ya u have to do a lot of googling!!

my work timing according the company rules its 9am to 6pm. ( what a lucky guy i am). a 9-6 job which allows me to update my blog!!! Cool na.. But the catch is u have to slog for 8am – 10Pm just to make sure u are on the company time (Ohhh thats sad).

Rest some time later .. My Boss is glaring at me past 2 hours for doing a such a productive work of writing blog!!!

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