Mai aur meri tanhai,

Remember these great lines by the great Amitabh Bachhan from the movie Silsile. But here i am not acting Amit ji!! i am acting my self. I am tanha ( Read Alone).. Why? well because my Project Lead has left the company. all this happed because of me. if he would have stayed any more i would have made him mad or he would have gone bonkers. he even tried to make his life simple by ignoring me alas!!! he failed miserably. so what i did!!! here is some of the things i did to him!!

1. Send him 20 mails with the same query and saying that i have not received his reply. ( I never received his reply in mail box because all his mails were transfered as Spam)

2. Signed up with his official mail id’s to Porn sites and News Letters.

3. Send a mail to everyone in the office asking for comments on the latest leak in the loo and make the reply to field as my Project Leads mail id.

4. Goto him just before the lunch hour with a small problem and made sue that the problem took more than 2 hours to complete.

5. Wrote a stickie note “Please mail me the important document about which we have talked (Signed by his supervisior) ” and pasted on his system

6. Took out his mouse ball and left a note “One should have BALLS to move the mouse”

7. Picked up my nose while he talked to me.

May lord give my Project Lead some peace bfefore he becomes my new target.

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