4 Months and Kicking

What does the topic means. there can be many interpretation to it. let me try to tell you some of them

1. i have not paid the Rent for past 4 months and my land lord is kicking me
2. My Kid is 4 months old
3. My first blog was 4 months back
4. My secret affair is now 4 months old.
5. i am married/ Engaged for 4 months
6. My wife/ Girl Friend is pregnant for last 4 months and the baby kicked for the first time
7. Some is kicking me for last 4 months
8. i am trying to get some attention from a lady colleague for last 4 months
9. I have kicking myself for not making my self any better for past 4 months
10. i will let you guys decide

Alas but none of the above has ever happened to me. i hope some of the above should have happened to me. something like the 4th point. But today is a more special day .

I have completed my 4 month in the company i am working for. Here is the details of my bravery during my 4 months stay at the company

1 Project leader resigned
2 Team Leads Resigned
3 out of 3 performance appraisal has a negative performance
4 Team Leads changed the project
7 Developers Resigned
15 Got days paid leave granted before the Release Candidate

P.S. -> While i type this my PM is planning a scheme to throw me out.

2 thoughts on “4 Months and Kicking”

  1. Thanks for the warning but i have not told which company i work for.. i will ask you to kindly read the disclaimer at the top of the page. i am pasting the same for your comfort. do read it

    Disclaimer: Everything written here doesn’t have any relation to anyone living or dead any resemblance is purely coincidental. This blog is purely based on imagination of the author and is written with a clear intention to make the life of the reader and writer a bit better. So if anyone, that includes the reader, personal of any company and the company itself, feels that this blog has something, which is, offend able to them. Do let me know I will try to I will surely do what ever is needful.


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