I have changed myself!!!

Though i have been changing my self from the time i was a kid but tis time its different. I still remember the time when i was a tiny drop of liquid and i took a solid shape to become a human being. That was some 23 years back. after that i had to change my self loads of time Physically and mentally. But not as i the same way as i have done before my birth.

The latest change was when i tried to make a transition from a cool looking politician to a funny looking teenager. From politician i remember i love politics as God loves the Devils, and my interest in politics is as much as that of a House wife in cricket. but still i like my politician looks. because of the simple reason if you have got a politician looks people give you lots of respect. At least when you are in front of them. Here is my photo which was taken when i was at a talk show.

Santosh Politician

But soon it became really difficult to live that way. the other day one of my neighbour came running to my home and said that someone stole his cane which was used by him to command his cow. Now he wants me to ask the policemen to find his cane. and if i don’t do it he was planning to release his Bull on me when i leave my room. I was bolted inside my room for 3 days. ( I have a bathroom which is outside I thought its better to switch to my earlier life that of student.

my student life was not this good and lavish but it was much better and with no tension.(the only tension was GF, Which sadly or luckily i never had any).

Here is how i look when i got my old (new) student looks. The comments i received from all quarters ranged from : “have you seen the serial alif laila in recent past” by one of my collegues to “Dont come to my home till i milk my buffalo or it will get scared” said neighborhood milkman

santosh baddie

There were some more comments here are a few.

1. WOW. You are like George Michael. By some colleague. (it dawned to me some time later that they had a totally different point of view)

2. Sayed kirmani also had the same style. Some Cricket buffs ( they were Talking about the hair style)

3. Sanjay Dutt did the same in Musafir. My Senior (Sanju baba had just 20 minutes role in the movie)

3 thoughts on “I have changed myself!!!”

  1. hehe 😕 alif laila.. 😀 reminds me of my school teacher.. way to go bud.. thank u for ur comment in my blog.. its jammy’s birthday today.. u can wish him


  2. Criz:
    I have come a long way . I even heard someone say i look like Akbar who came much later than our alif laila (in history and on TV.)
    thanks for the infoi have already done it..


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