Tagged? WTF!!

Well that must have been the reaction of Honey Bee and dinsan. Both honey and dinsan were TAGGED ( For first time ) and just like me they never had any idea what the heck is this tagging is all about.

The correct word for the same is blog-tag! It’s an online game or chain blog linking. It’s same thing like chain mails, which says “Send it to so many people and you will have good luck for so many years” BUT much better than that. In this if you are tagged you have to write a blog post on the rules made by the person who tagged you.

For example,

Blogger A writes a post on his favorite 5 movies and gives the following rules

1. Tagged bloggers should give the name of their 5 favorite movies
2. There must be 3 person tagged.

And some more rules

Now A put the web address of people he/she wants to Tag and notifies them about the same

Blog address of B, C, D

End of Example

The Tagged bloggers are now to write a post with 5 favorite movies of theirs and tag 3 more people.

Hope this will help!!

2 thoughts on “Tagged? WTF!!”

  1. Been wondering why no one was tagging me and here u come..

    I hope I understood the rules of tagging..

    anyway thanks a lot for tagging me..


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