We LAP from the TOP.

This post is my cribbing against the Amity B-School

I am talking about a B school known as Amity Business School (ABS). Before I start of the cribbing part let me tell you the college lost it AICTE recognition way back in 2005 and their fees 7+ Lac. Including Laptop and Hostel fees. 5.5+ Lac for tuition fees. Though the website says 2.05 Lac per year.

Now, to the cribbing part. It’s mostly about their laptops. The college provides laptops made by HP. They even have a HP support centre inside the campus. The configuration and software provided.

Intel Celeron Processor 1.8GHz
512 MB of RAM
32 MB on board Graphics Card
80 GB Hard Disk
In built Ethernet card
Combo Drive CD – RW & DVD – R
Windows XP pro with the latest Service Pack and windows Office comes.

Great Na? But!! There is always a “butt”. The laptop belongs to the institution till the last installment of fees is not paid. The OS (operating system) installed is not a personal version but the registered in the name of ABS.

The processor of the laptop (Intel Celeron) is the oldest version of the processor available in market. They were introduced way back in 1998 as a alternative cheap processor. Where as most of the latest laptops are equipped with Core 2 Duo, the laptops provided at ABS come with a processor, which are to be phased out by Intel in first quarter of 2008.

The company on the other hand doesn’t provide any CD/ DVD with a restore/ backup software. You only get the laptop and nothing else. What could be the height of the matter that there are no Device Driver CD/ DVD provided. On probing the HP Desk the people out offered to write a driver CD if the CD is provided to them. Even the CD writing software comes pre installed and they provide no CD. Are the guys at HP trying to save some bucks in pursuit to cut cost?

My question is to whom the student of ABS will go if there is any problem with their laptops after 2 they get their degree?

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  1. thats really funny… and no one speaks up ? and that too future CEOs ?
    PS: was hard to fill in the comment form, there is no marking lines, between those columns…


  2. happens man…. no man is happy with their comp… but its a matter of sense that any thing that comes free(though its charged in some other way) is of inferior standards..

    btw… nice template… luv d header image..


  3. What r u doing with Amity ❓

    nd I am seeing their advertisements.. always wondered what they were teaching for such high fees..


  4. @dinshan
    thanks mate. i know the worst thing is that i have my brother there.

    I would have said if it were you. but i ask you “in todays world is this config good enough?”

    @Happy Kitten
    My big bro is doing his MBA from there. He just a call from that place. bad luck for him.

    Welcome back. the header comes along with the template and i don’t have the heart to change it!!


  5. hmm.. obviously not…i’m person working on CAD softwares like PROE, Solid Works… shall I list d config i work on??

    Intel Pentium D… Core 2 duo 2.3 Ghz
    2 Gb Ram…
    Geforce card with 256 mb onboard memory
    250 gb 10000rpm SATA harddrive
    19″ wide screen tft..
    16x dvd dual layer writer with lightscribe..
    windows vista ultimate(cracked of coz)


  6. @vignesh
    that tells the stuff. BTW you can never match an engineers config. I was working on

    Dual G5 processor
    2GB DDR2
    19″ TFT
    Mac OS X Tiger (i win over you at this :P)


  7. hum…
    so all this stuff for my LAPTOP… a corporate n exclusive model made only for the students of Amity..any ways the the laptop comes without any OS..the cost is realized from the installments we pay as fees in each sem..so its ownership is transhferd to the students after the 4the cheque/DD realised-payed to institue..
    the company takes a garuntee/warunty of the product for 1 yr from its sales date n we are geting door service for 2yrs for all damages-except physical, but in case of screen(internal) damges companies are entertaing the claims…

    hum…ooopsss, lot…need a break


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