Caution: If you are neck deep in work  than don’t read any further. You might get addicted. I take no responsibility of lack of effort put by you towards work after reading this Post.Few days back i was playing Klueless3. For unknown its a online puzzle run by the IIM Indore, for their annual fest IRIS. It’s a simple game, in which the user to find 30 webpages. Your are given the link to first page and you are off. Each page has got a hint and you have to crack the hints and move onto next page.  Not a big deal!! is it?? Well  it took me more than 3 jobless weeks to solve it.  For more info  visit the site. Click here or copy and paste the following link in your browser http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris-2007/irising/klueless3 For those who wanna see my name as the finisher can visit the hall of fame and view my name at number 372. 🙂 Go Ahead and take the challenge!! Best Of Luck.   IF you are really screwed and need my help. mail me. i will try to help you with a hint but nothing much.. 

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  1. Hey.. came across your blog while looking for clues to Klueless 3’s Level 19. If you’ve cracked it, please give me a hint or something! It’s the one with porky pig on a grave stone in the middle of the grave yard and the page source clue says – what’s up doc? .. with a page clue that says Merry Melodies or some such. I have tried all the versions of ‘that’s all folks’ etc… help.


  2. stuck at level 10 yaar plz help
    its a sunset view with black cloud and everything black at hte ground
    page source is “something wrong”
    clue given”See something that doesn’t seem right?
    Set it right
    please help me out


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