A crying cribbing weekend.

The last i was cried twice. and cribbed more than that.Let me tell you the whole story. I bought a Brand new Nokia E65 for my dad (using his card :P)  in the month of November. it turned out that the pone had some problem and it went to Offline mode. So it was dutifully given to the Nokia Care @ kolkata for repair. Just to know that the phone is not repairable. Now comes the intresting part. “Nokia India” has a policy in which the they let the guys at decide what to do with the cell phone. and most of the time the nokia care guys give you a replacement phone. If you think its a brand new piece than you are wrong they give you a refurbished set. You call it my luck!! The set that the nokia guys returned to my dad is more than 6 month old. and looks dirty than his 1 year old Nokia 1100. Here is the conclusion in the matter.1. Nokia makes buggy sets and sell them to customer for hefty (for a premium) price.2. when the customer goes for the repair he is handed old piece and the buggy piece goes back for the sale. 3. On calling the customer you are greeted with a voice like that of a landlord to his tenant after 3rd of non payment.  Nokia has the worst customer care in where the guys are rude and are not ready to listen to what the client says and go on like a tape recorder!!From now on i will say no to NO-kia. iPhone here i come. (Apple has the best costumer support in the world)This week end i saw two movies both has two thing common. First both had child actor having reel age of 8 years. second both the movies made me Cry. Before you comment WTF you are guy and guys don’t cry. well i cry.In TZP i cried when the title song started. I didn’t cried at the end but i cried when i saw there are so many children and there are so few to help them. and i cried when i watched the bubbly movie called “The Game Plan” i cried because i in some way missed my parents. (ask anyone who lived in hostel how much they miss there parents.)

6 thoughts on “A crying cribbing weekend.”

  1. why dont you ask for a fresh piece man ?
    since i ‘een working for customer care, right from the start of my career to this very moment, I feel really bad when I get bad customer service experience and I know how to their screw their happiness well, since i worked for call centers…. voiced and semi voiced, and non voiced, I know good ways to screw their mood up and I am good at arguing too, I know.. hihih whenever I get a bad agent on call .. I start enjoying it.. till i get my stuff cleared.. hmm

    crying is not a bad thing.. 🙂 …


  2. @Dinsan
    They say its the nokia policy to give a used piece and not a new piece. well man fight for me or teach me some tricks. how to screw these guys happiness. some times its frustrating to know that you cant fight with some silly bugger even though you are right!! 🙁


  3. hmm… i hav long realised high end nokias arent worth the money.. so i got moto rokr…n it just rocks… donno about customer care yet, havnt had any probs with my phone… but u shld speak to bsnl customer care people… my god…
    i’m yet to watch tzp… hmm…


  4. @Vigesh
    Hope i get to talk to them.. I am a strict no no for the BSNL guys. and for NOKIA point taken. Their basic phone are ok. but high end no way!! Waiting for iPhone!!

    Nokia still has captured 79% of indian market so they can have their own way

    Call them up and make some phony story about a mobile being swapped for old piece and hear them reply. they are not ready to take any argument. seems they are taught to act dumb and hard headed.


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