Twice in a year and its not yet over. What I am talking about the is not something I am proud of but something I am sure that india wont be proud to speak of.  Few months back I was blog-hopping and landed on a blog from a lady who was furious at some show talk shown on the TV. She was so angry that after reading her post I said this host is surely a fool. who thinks that internet is place where we indian just go in search of Sex and Nudity. 

Confused? The person in question here is none other than Barkha Dutt and her knowledge and thoughts about free media. Go and read this post at Adi Carzy’s blog. I was thinking has this lady gome out of mind today she is asking ban on blogging and tomorrow ban on the internet. I think we have another type of moral police who are planning to take over our right of free speech. 

I thought that may be she has done this just to get a little more audiance. but when i read this post at honeybee’s blog i got the shock my life. looks like these guys going the moral policing way too seriously and to do so barkha with the backing of channel send a legal notice to one of blogger for telling them being a little more professional. Which made the poor blogger to remove the offending  post (as cited by channel and their) from his blog and issue a apology. The removed post is still cached read that here (just scroll down to last post) and read the apology here

Well Barkha I know you are just trying to keep your ass clean but you forgot that it needs  tissue/water and hand to do so. Get your basics right and we dont need a moral police who doesnt know diffrence between blog and porn site.

5 thoughts on “Co-incidence?”

  1. If you are talking about We The People that was broadcast Jan, 2008, I had watched it. I really didn’t find Barkha’s work annoying in any way.But one thing I remember is that the show didn’t really have a good mix of participants. The bloggers present on the show were mostly talking about Sex/homosexuality/pubbing and the like.The show overall was definitely not enjoyable especially if you are a blogger, but that in my opinion is no fault of the host’s. By the ways, the apology by the blogger is news to me and I think this is heights.


  2. Burkha has attractged unwanted attraction from Internet, in its very negative form … and she is going to suffer for this, big time .. 🙂

    I used to like her programs, until the Mumbai terror attack .. then I realized,she is just an actor, than a journalist … or, there is nothing serious about her, or her points. ..


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