VOTM @ U2b.in

Yesterday I went to the site http://u2b.in to find that I have been nominated the Reader of the month. It was nice shock to come for a guy who has already broken 3 monitors, 5 Mouse, and 19 keyboards after visiting the site. My general condition after reading the blogs was photographed by the http://u2b.in official photographer Shivkumar.

VOTM @ u2b.in

It was sad to know that he is currently in the hospital getting treated for a massive blow to his stomach by some unknown elements of destruction. The chairman of u2b.in is putting the charges on my maid and watchman for his photographer’s present condition. I am still probing into the case.

Latest new being that I am asked to give an interview (again) by the Editor in Chief of the website http://u2b.in for being their first VOTM. The interview will be published soon.

When i was rich

The story dates back to the time when I was a kid. As you guys know I was rich so I got the local student magazine to take up my interview. I have forgotten most of the question will try to recreate the some of those, which I remember.
Rich Guy

The above picture showed how much rich I was. I had 100Rs note with me. This was much before I know how to clean my (as my grand mom says) you know what 😉 !!!!

Now to the interview. Just minutes before the interview the guy who was to take my interview came to me and said here are the questions which I would be asking to you and these are the answer you have to give and we will print it for you.

Interviewer> we have got with us master (remember I was a kid) Santosh Kumar. Welcome Dear (with a glare)! We are going to talk to him about his life, status and Money.

(Note the question asked will be written as Q> and answer is started with A>)

Q> So Santosh tell us more about yourself and your background?
A> I have a big family. My grand dad is 6 Feet tall, my father is 5’11’ tall and I am yet to reach 3 Feet. My background is presently the same as yours. A black wall with peeling paint and lots of stain of hair oil.

Q> Nice reply Santosh. You seem to have a really big family. A rumor is going on that you are the best of the best when it comes to money?
A> Ya I am known to have a love for money that’s why I have specially asked my mother to put a money plant in our house.

Q> we have even head that you hold money by your teeth.
A> Ya I do hold it because the last time I put it in mouth I swallowed it.

Q> when was the last time you swallowed the coin
A> It was just five minutes back when we started talking. I forgot to take it out and now it’s in my tummy!!! It was my last 25 paise coin 😥

Q> as the saying goes behind every successful man there is a women, is there any1 in your life?
A> (Blushing and smiling) Ya there is one.

Q> it means the one who ever she is has contributed to your present condition.
A> Yes a lot. In past I was a Hundreds rupee (as seen in the picture) owner but the ice cream and chocolate cost has taken everything.

Q> so what’s your present condition!
A> the next picture depicts my true state.

Poor Guy

The interviewer: Go away you M()r()|\| you have wasted my time. You don’t have a single penny. You looser leave this place else I will break you leg and than you have hold you leg with your teeth.

I have changed myself!!!

Though i have been changing my self from the time i was a kid but tis time its different. I still remember the time when i was a tiny drop of liquid and i took a solid shape to become a human being. That was some 23 years back. after that i had to change my self loads of time Physically and mentally. But not as i the same way as i have done before my birth.

The latest change was when i tried to make a transition from a cool looking politician to a funny looking teenager. From politician i remember i love politics as God loves the Devils, and my interest in politics is as much as that of a House wife in cricket. but still i like my politician looks. because of the simple reason if you have got a politician looks people give you lots of respect. At least when you are in front of them. Here is my photo which was taken when i was at a talk show.

Santosh Politician

But soon it became really difficult to live that way. the other day one of my neighbour came running to my home and said that someone stole his cane which was used by him to command his cow. Now he wants me to ask the policemen to find his cane. and if i don’t do it he was planning to release his Bull on me when i leave my room. I was bolted inside my room for 3 days. ( I have a bathroom which is outside I thought its better to switch to my earlier life that of student.

my student life was not this good and lavish but it was much better and with no tension.(the only tension was GF, Which sadly or luckily i never had any).

Here is how i look when i got my old (new) student looks. The comments i received from all quarters ranged from : “have you seen the serial alif laila in recent past” by one of my collegues to “Dont come to my home till i milk my buffalo or it Continue reading I have changed myself!!!

Height of Pain

Saturday 13th April 2007


7:30Am – Alarm is blaring on its peak to wake me up.

8:05Am – Mobile rings. Colleague “Where the F*<# are you? you are one of the events coordinators”

8.15Am – same guy “WTF where is the FU<#!^& bus we hired. we were to leave for office at 8.00.” Some more apologies. buddy its Saturday and we are going to office cant you keep quiet for a moment..

8:30Am – Leave for office. Have breakfast. People are getting fidgety.

9 .00Am – Board the bus to go for the Picnic @ a local waterfall cum trekking destination

Ahh ha.. we were on our way to the picnic. what a nice idea to have a picnic away from the clatter of the keyboards and noise of the meeting rooms. That includes some walking some trekking and loads of fun.

We reached a small stream at about 11:15 and the driver refused to go beyond that stream. the 40 odd of us started our walking from the same point. 1 hour and 3 Km later. we see a Bus standing out of no where. Just to find that the bus actually left us to walk to a hefty 3 km. half of us were already half dead and with all the water bottles empty Death seemed inevitable. It was than the pain in our legs started to creep up. a slow soothing pain which was not to go so easily and there was a mountain towering in front of us to be climbed. (The real trekking starts from here). It was another hour and half before we were actually on top of that small mountain to reach the falls.

suddenly one of us said the following lineख


We swam and played a lot but when it time came everyone was ready to take another dip in the pool and drown but not to go back.. The trip tot he small mountain would pain so much we never knew. It was a pain int he ass for me to get every back to the bus. (Pain in the ass because i slipped at the falls and landed on a rock. the ass is still aching from the fall the trip)

The Trip

P.S.-> Its been more than 10 days since last message as i was on most outside than on my comp. Here the detail.

Last weekend i was in Bangalore. Some people who meet me there asked me “how come you are in Bangalore?” I told them its been a long time so have come down for a Peg or two. 🙄 The main reason was that i had to get my final year marks card from my college. which as my friends told me will be given only to me and no one else. Now the question arises what i have actually done there. WELL, I had a enjoyed some heartily parties in some of the posh restaurants of Bangalore(if restaurants were not posh by looks than cost-wise they are surely posh). Had quite a few pegs and for those who don’t know they look really cute on my wall. I have just put them on the wall and yet to put cloths on those pegs.

I had a nice 3 days long weekend. But the trips continued. they were many. some necessary some not. some gave relief some not. most ached some not. Just for the readers info, I am a guy who loves to roam, never confined to one place. thats why i was always standing outside my class more than inside. This time i hated those trips to the Loo, due to loose motions. 😥
(For those who are still thinking about the marks card. I am also thinking the same)