Bearing with auto and telco’s

This post is another crib series which i felt is long due.. its about the two things which i hate the most. one of them is Autos of bangalore. The most irritating and frustrating guys we have to meet each day. They have the meters tempered, ask more extra fare and crib when we reach our destination. Just thing the autos opt to run empty but they will take you as a fare only if you will cough up the extortion money they ask. 

For e.g. the general auto fare to my office comes to 29rs from the point i generally board them. One i was running late so had to agree to paying “10 Rupees extra sir” and upon reaching office the meter was reading 45rs. and i had to pau 10 bucks extra. WTF. asking for extra money on tempred meter. 

The other who can make you feel the same way and don’t even come to face to face with you. They are the credit card to the medical insurance seller. Most of the time i come up with a new excuse. some of them are

  1. Just now i have filled the form
  2. I have applied yesterday
  3. I have your card
  4. I am HIV+ (To medical insurance)
  5. This is police he has committed suicide yesterday.
  6. I am in a meeting call me later
  7. Simply disconnect.
  8. I am jobless or student

There are few more i will add later

5 thoughts on “Bearing with auto and telco’s”

  1. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: come on man … toooo funny .. the second part 😀

    today I got a call asking me to recharge my vodafone for 33 for a new offer .. reduce call rates.. I told her I like to pay Re.1 per minute.. .. Sir you dont want to reduce the charge ? “NO” … thank you have a good day sir !!!!!

    and about autos ….. sucks big time there in Blore .. I hate them 👿


  2. 🙂 haha. auto drivers. Infact we have a new breed of human beings and they are the autowallas… who change their word every 100 meters.
    To avoid such calls you can also keep them on hold for seconds, minutes hours….. till the last bit of patience they have will be worn off !


  3. I am HIV+.. hahahahahhaa.. too funny mate..
    I hate when they tweak the meters man, but wht to do! cant help it..

    but loved ur post.. was long overdue..


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