Calvin and Hobbes “Character Building”

Guys here are we. As promised i present to you the supreme source of calvin’s wit and
humor. Its called calvin’s Dad. It’s a irony most that most of the character in the comic strip have got a name except calvin’s mom and dad.

But take no heed here we present to you calvin and his Knowledgeable dad.

(Note. All the pictures here can be downloaded as a Zip file from here or click on each file to download then individually )

Calvin and Hobbes

Loved how mom reacted to it. God loved the guy who ever it was. either junior or senior.

Calvin and Hobbes

Never knew a better color theory.

Calvin and Hobbes

I wanna have one of those printing guy at me home $$$$..

Calvin and Hobbes

It’s time to prove mom’s are always wrong..

Calvin and Hobbes

Now i shouldn’t believe my dad so much. But guys are guys. πŸ˜€ (insert a really big grin here)

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Who else can give a better theory on sun to son than a great father. And a whining mom!!

Calvin and Hobbes

My dad Strongest. (Best)

Calvin and Hobbes

Where do babies come from? any answers?

Calvin and Hobbes

I loved this post nit because of its humor but of the innocence. Its one of the few strips where we actually see calvin crying.

Calvin and Hobbes

Bad Bad Dad. This is post where we can actually see the shit scared calvin.

There are loads of more which i was unable to find. Guys if you can send me the
those. Some of them which i was not able to find were..

the one in which calvins dad coems home to find iceman depicting as they are vomiting. and dad asks mom do we have <some really bad food> made today!!


Calvin: “Dad, what makes wind?”
Dad: “Trees sneezing.”
Calvin: “Really?”
Dad: “No, but the truth is more complicated.”
Calvin (later, to Hobbes): “The trees are really sneezing today.”
Calvin: “Dad, how does a light bulb work?”
Dad: “Magic.”
Calvin: “Didn’t you say that’s how the vacuum cleaner works?”
Dad: “Right. They’re both magic.”
Calvin: “You just don’t know how they work, I’ll bet.”
Dad: “Fine. Don’t believe your own father, who’s been around a lot longer than you.”
Calvin: (Turns on a lamp) “Look mom, magic!”
Mom: “That’s not magic!”

P.S. if the linkage image is not correct to it’s original file than please let me know. i will try to get it corrected!!

Calvin and Hobbes

I love the guy called calvin either he is the cute little boy in th Home Alone Series or the guy in the cartoon strip. Yesterday i found some of his strips which shows his Telephone Etiquettes.Calvin and Hobbes Boy he is something. Money is the first priority in his life. Just look at the comments on everything!! (He must not have wanted to talk to mom very bad)

Calvin and Hobbes
Will love to do it. 😈
Calvin and Hobbes

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Calvin and Hobbes Bee! how about this answering machine?

Fore more detail visit this page

Calvin and Hobbes How many times you have done this. You were asked to call some one and you forget?

Loved this guy!! who was too young for a brain like that. I always liked the way this little guy used to think. Next i will try to get the conversation between him and his Dad where his dad screws his happiness!!

10 Stupid practices i have

This blog is dedicated to the lady who calls her self a BEE and her stings “Where it hurts the MOST”

If you are thinking why its so. The reason is this lady has asked me to write this post. WHen i read the topic i thought asking a stupid to write 10 stupid practices? I think 99% of my activity is STUPID, but still BEE this one is for you!!

10. I still read in LOO!! (Including newspaper, magazine and scribbles in the public LOO )

9. Whenever i feel bored i call my frens and bore them

8. I love to eat sugar with my food. even Daal Chawal!!

7. I tip the waiter at the restaurant where I eat daily!

6. I transfer my salary on the first day of its getting credited from Canara Bank to ICICI

5. i love to sleep in my undies

4 And love to take bath naked

3. I sing my best(Worst and loudest) when i am taking bath or a song which i like is coming on the TV

2. I tend to look everything other than the person i am talking to. (Food is the first preference)

1. Whenever i eat or drink my smallest finger stands up like and Antenna. (Picture Attached)


The Three Engineers!!

Once upon a time two Project managers and one engineer met in the rest room of a big hotel.

The first PM goes and washes his hands, dries his hand and than takes out tissue to remove what ever is left. He says I am working with (Insert the company you hate the most) and we are taught to use all the resources evenly.

The second PM who was from (Insert the company you hate) and he washes his hand takes the tissue and dries his hand till there was not a single dry corner left. He says I am taught to use the resources to the max.

The engineer zips his pant and walks out. Than the other two guys say it seems you are not taught anything in your company. The engineer said I am taught not to PEE on my own hand!

The Week of forwards!!

I thought its better to write a post than to tell people of my old silly soul which was tortured to life and the reason for so many forwards as a post instead of original post.

I was planning to write the whole thing in chronological order but it better if I narrate the story.

The day was the same as usual and the night was not. I was sitting in cubicle listening to don’t remember who it was (does it matter). Suddenly the call came on my intercom. A girl’s voice on the other hand speaks…

Voice – Santosh?
Me – Yes?
Voice – Hi!
Me – Hi!
Voice – We are waiting for you.
Me – Waiting?
Voice – Yes. You forgot?
Me – (Confused) I think so.
Voice – Come on you cant delay us anymore. It’s really important.
Me – than who is stopping you.
Voice – You!
Me – (Still confused) Me? How?
Voice –By not coming??
Me – (Am I so important in this company?) For what?
Voice – This is your HR and we are waiting for your appraisal meeting.

This conversation happened some 4 months back. And from that day till today I am yet to find out the true meaning of a meeting.

For the Higher Management – I am getting bored lets call a meeting and talk to some people. (Here they talk and rest listen)

For HR – We need to terminate this guy so call a meeting and let him know in a dramatic situation

For PM/PL – Hmm This guy is not working call a meeting and assign him so much job so that he will have to work 18 hours a day and 7 days a week!

All of them together – A time pass meeting to discus some silly issue.

A committee meeting – No work just talk.

For an employee like me – Buddy you are screwed!

The same thing happened to me a few weeks back. I was called for a meeting and told to work more and browse the net less. In past I used to work for a horrifying 8-10, nah not hours, Minutes each day. But now I am working bit more. The amount of work involves 4 hours of meeting, 3 hours of discussion, 1 hour of tea break, 30 minutes of lunch and mind boggling 30 minutes of works. I am presently busy in most of these meeting! So guys you may be seeing a lots of forwards than actual blog entries.