What a match it was

People must be thinking that i am talking about the match of India beating Bermuda black and blue in the ICC cricket world cup. No!! its a totally different ball game. where the spectators were less than the participants. It was the annual sports day of my company on 17Th Mar 2007. Believe it or not but most of the participants were not there. Reason being some fools thought it would be fun to stop the road transport from doing their daily round of ferrying passengers from Mangalore to Udupi ( In short they had a Rasta Roko) But the good part was most of the people who came as the spectator actually took part in some of the events they thought they will not take part in. ( Mind you the “m” here stand for Meters and not millimeters

i took part in 1000m race but was able to complete just 600 m before calling it quits. Threw some Disc and Metal balls they had some funny names for it calling them Discus and Shot-put. looks like someone had made some mistake while naming these events. the disc or so called discus is thrown aways without any Discussion and the metal ball when landed remains Put for a long time instead of short.

later in the day was kabaddi game and volleyball. mind u by now we do had some more spectators, who came walking 5-10 Km or who took a lift but they came. it was good to know that all 7 teams for volleyball had the minimum number of player. By the days end the events were called semi success as most of the gals preferred to stay PUT at home and missed all the Chance to discuss all those special gaming idea with them

4 Months and Kicking

What does the topic means. there can be many interpretation to it. let me try to tell you some of them

1. i have not paid the Rent for past 4 months and my land lord is kicking me
2. My Kid is 4 months old
3. My first blog was 4 months back
4. My secret affair is now 4 months old.
5. i am married/ Engaged for 4 months
6. My wife/ Girl Friend is pregnant for last 4 months and the baby kicked for the first time
7. Some is kicking me for last 4 months
8. i am trying to get some attention from a lady colleague for last 4 months
9. I have kicking myself for not making my self any better for past 4 months
10. i will let you guys decide

Alas but none of the above has ever happened to me. i hope some of the above should have happened to me. something like the 4th point. But today is a more special day .

I have completed my 4 month in the company i am working for. Here is the details of my bravery during my 4 months stay at the company

1 Project leader resigned
2 Team Leads Resigned
3 out of 3 performance appraisal has a negative performance
4 Team Leads changed the project
7 Developers Resigned
15 Got days paid leave granted before the Release Candidate

P.S. -> While i type this my PM is planning a scheme to throw me out.

Bout Me Last Part

So. it seems that you are yet to find out who i am. No problem. You will surely come to know bout me but it solely depends upon on your tactics of finding out and me in telling you!

Here i go again i have started to give lecture on myself. so instead of going into more of lectures let me tell u about me!!

P.S.-> This detail is given in resume formate because i am a fresh grad and the habit of making resume is yet to fade away

Name : You Can See in the Rigt side top
Age : Why do u want it ( If u want to marry me talk to my parents)
Sex : Yes ( Only Females please)
Education : Degree to bus naam ki hoti hai asli knowledge to kaam karne se milta hai
Address : http://s4n705h.blogspot.com
Occupation : Sitting on a chair and surfing the net
Industry : I just know tree and stree( Women )
Achievements :
1. Party whole night and goto office next day
2. Sleep in the office due to whole night party


The other day i was having a chat my long lost friend. ( we were lost in the most ruthless corridors of our cubicles at the office). and exchaging the stories of our past life ( Life before lunch) and present life (While having the evening cigarette). oh my god save me from those ladies at our office. cant call them chicks due to their age ( we can always have the name chicken for them). and mind u they are yet to reveal their age. and my my mind just said Leave me or Leave me(its not a typo) . i wanna die. give me some break. these so called chicken are killing my eye sight. its better to burn my eyes by watching those skimpy clads maal ( mmmmmmmm…..) at forum mall. i ma planning to leave this company and stating to become a beggar in front of the forum mall bangalore.

Than there comes our HR ( WOW… Look at her). may god bless the company for keeping such a good looking HR. i have made all the efforts to have a chat or look of her. i have even bribed the guy at cafeteria and coffee shop to let me know when she comes. i have joined the company’s Works Committee so that i can see her for more than a mere glimps. and one i remembered my HR’s words if u have any problem do let me know. i go to her and say Love ME or I Leave… she said she will give her reply later.

two days later i got a invitation to join her for lunch. my lcuk wow.. what a lucky guy i am.. of course i am the next Hunk in making. i reach the destination. and instead of the HR there are 5 people with my HR’s god(goon) like husband ( the Hulk meets Hunk). its better to stay in hospital than to living in Hell.

Mai aur meri tanhai,

Remember these great lines by the great Amitabh Bachhan from the movie Silsile. But here i am not acting Amit ji!! i am acting my self. I am tanha ( Read Alone).. Why? well because my Project Lead has left the company. all this happed because of me. if he would have stayed any more i would have made him mad or he would have gone bonkers. he even tried to make his life simple by ignoring me alas!!! he failed miserably. so what i did!!! here is some of the things i did to him!!

1. Send him 20 mails with the same query and saying that i have not received his reply. ( I never received his reply in mail box because all his mails were transfered as Spam)

2. Signed up with his official mail id’s to Porn sites and News Letters.

3. Send a mail to everyone in the office asking for comments on the latest leak in the loo and make the reply to field as my Project Leads mail id.

4. Goto him just before the lunch hour with a small problem and made sue that the problem took more than 2 hours to complete.

5. Wrote a stickie note “Please mail me the important document about which we have talked (Signed by his supervisior) ” and pasted on his system

6. Took out his mouse ball and left a note “One should have BALLS to move the mouse”

7. Picked up my nose while he talked to me.

May lord give my Project Lead some peace bfefore he becomes my new target.